I dont give a fuck about you

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i dont give a fuck about you

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck Quotes by Sarah Knight

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Big Sean I Don't Fuck With You Lyrics

How to not give a fuck

At another point, a guidance counselor casually discusses her attempts to bone one of the teens at the high school where she works. Day, in turn, tries everything he can to get out of it, including, bribing the student who was attacked by Cube with a Macbook Pro in order to get him to retract his complaint, framing Cube for possessing drugs and tricking Cube into fighting a white supremacist instead. None of it works but along the way Day learns to stand up for himself and blah, de, blah, de, fart, fart. Why is the faculty re-interviewing for their jobs during a school day and why are actual classes conducted on the last day of school? If every teacher is under review, why do they seem to come and go from their jobs whenever they please and why do they curse loudly in front of the students?

I don't give a fuck. Listen to an audio pronunciation. A phrase is a group of words commonly used together e. A very informal word or phrase used by a particular group or community as a substitute for standard language e. A word or phrase that is crude, indecent, and generally rejected by society e. I don't like you and I really don't give a fuck what you say. No me caes bien y realmente me importa una mierda lo que dices.

You have, but one life. Just be unapologetically you. So, just be you! If you let what other people say about you affect you, you will never be able to live your life the carefree way you want to. Someone or the other will always manage to get under your skin and ruin your mood. Live your life on your own terms and do what you want to do. To stop giving a fuck, you also have to stop judging others.

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We accept the status quo for what it is because everyone around us does. Eventually our actions, appearances, and lives become moulded by how we think other people perceive us. How are these pants going to make me look? What will my colleagues think if I spoke out? Are those people talking shit behind my back? If I take this job, what will my friends and family think of me?

Top definition. I don't give a fuck about you. This phrase is one of a kind. It has utmost emphasis and is a prime example of when someone does not care. The phrase is not to be used in a public environment unless you truly "Don't give a fuck".


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