Interesting facts about sam houston

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interesting facts about sam houston

The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston by Marquis James

This is the stuff of which legend is made, this story of the making of Texas, and Houston is one with those semilegendary characters--with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, with Marion the Swamp Fox and Ethan Allen. . . . In a sense he is too good to be true, this man who wrought such mighty deeds within the lifetime of our fathers and grandfathers; in a sense if he had not existed we should have had to create him. --from the introduction by Henry Steele Commager
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Sam Houston

Born in Virginia, Sam Houston () became a lawyer, congressman and senator in Tennessee. On April 21, , Houston and his men defeated Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna at San Jacinto to secure Texan independence. He was voted president in and again in
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House of Representatives. The congressman drew his pistol in self-defense, but when he pulled the trigger, the gun jammed and never fired. The Virginia-born Houston was elected governor of Tennessee in after serving the state for four years in the U. Three decades later, in , Houston was elected governor of Texas. After running away from his family as a teenager, Houston lived for nearly three years with the Cherokee tribe in eastern Tennessee. There, the tribe formally adopted him, and he married a Cherokee woman, Tiana Rogers, in a tribal ceremony. He sometimes wore traditional Cherokee garb to government meetings in Washington, D.

By Carol Christian , Chron. Sam Houston's ragtag army of about defeated Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's larger force in just 18 minutes. The killing, however, went on for hours, leaving Mexican soldiers dead and about taken prisoner. Click through the gallery to see other facts you might not know about Sam Houston. The killing,. As the man who served as the first president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston probably could not escape becoming larger than life.

Interesting Sam Houston Facts: Sam Houston learned a lot about the Cherokee Indians' way of life when growing up as a teenager in Tennessee. Sam Houston.
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Born in Virginia, Sam Houston became a lawyer, congressman and senator in Tennessee. After moving to Texas in , he joined the growing conflict between U. He was voted president in and again in , then served as a senator after Texas became a state in Despite his pro-slavery views, he believed in preserving the Union. He became governor in , but was removed from office after the secession of Texas in The traits that distinguished Sam Houston in Texas would be evident well before he settled there. He spent time among the Cherokee as a youth in East Tennessee , acquiring his distinctive familiarity with Indians.

Samuel Houston was born on March 2, , near Lexington, Virginia. From to , he fought in the Creek War and was wounded at Horseshoe Bend. He was elected to Congress in and In , he became Tennessee governor. He was made the first president of the Republic of Texas in and was re-elected in

An important leader of the Texas Revolution , Houston served as the 1st and 3rd president of the Republic of Texas , and was one of the first two individuals to represent Texas in the United States Senate. He also served as the 6th Governor of Tennessee and the seventh governor of Texas , the only American to be elected governor of two different states in the United States. Houston later ran away from home and spent time with the Cherokee , becoming known as "Raven". He served under General Andrew Jackson in the War of , and after the war he presided over the removal of many Cherokee from Tennessee. He strongly supported Jackson's presidential candidacies, and in Houston won election as the governor of Tennessee.


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    On March 31, , Ohio Congressman William Stanbery accused Houston of fraud in a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of.

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