Nonfiction books about psychological disorders

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nonfiction books about psychological disorders

Popular Non Fiction Mental Health Books

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The 5 Major Anxiety Disorders

Because sometimes it's hard to explain or understand on your own. Ozeki tackles depression from two angles — through the protagonist, year-old Nao, who falls into a suicidal depression after moving back to Tokyo; and through Nao's father, who falls into a deeper depression after losing his job.
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Popular Mental Illness Non Fiction Books

Pat Peoples has just checked out of a psychiatric hospital and is obsessed with exercise. He doesn't remember how or why he ended up in the hospital; all he recalls are flashes of the events leading up to his hospitalization. He wants to focus on his recovery to save his marriage. Peoples is the protagonist of The Silver Linings Playbook , a touching and entertaining novel by Matthew Quick that captures the experience of someone living with a mental illness. The book deals with important themes like t reatment, improvements and relapses, daily struggles and overcoming the past. The characters have goals, relationships and obstacles, just like everybody else. Other fiction and nonfiction books -- some of them true classics -- can help fight prejudice against mental illnesses and disorders.

However, when it comes to reading up on mental health and mental illness, nonfiction books can often feel like an intimidating and overwhelming overload of information. And the first step is being able to talk about our mental health. Juno Dawson leads the way with this frank, factual and funny book, with added information and support from clinical psychologist Dr Olivia Hewitt. With real-life stories from young people around the world and witty illustrations from Gemma Correll. It takes aim at ending the shame of mental illness. With the intention of providing hope to those who are suffering, awareness to those who are witnessing a friend or family member battle mental illness, and opening the floodgates to conversations about mental illness.

If you want to diversify your reading list and learn something new at the same time, you can't go wrong by reading nonfiction books about mental illness.
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Please note that all these books could be difficult reads for some people. If you want to learn more about any of these issues from a close up perspective, these are great books. These books look so interesting. I would add to the list Dibs in Search of Self. Although Dibs is not mentally ill, he is well on his way before a play therapist intervenes. I re-read Dibs every year or two; I find it inspiring.



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