A book about a thousand things

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a book about a thousand things

A Book About A Thousand Things by George Stimpson

“A fascinating book that I picked up at a charity sale in the antiques section. Published in 1946 some of the information is a bit antiquated, but that only lends to the books charm. Questions ranging from do elephants resent being fed tobacco? to the more useful How did kahki originate? are examples of what can be found within this book. According to the preface, these are all questions that Mr. Stimpson asked himself at one point or another and he wrote this book simply to satisfy his own curiosity. One of the best things about this book is that its the type that you can simply pick up any time, read for a bit and forget about it for a while. I also really enjoyed the randomness of the entries. Fun read!
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The Ten Thousand Things Zoom--December 1, 2018

A Book About A Thousand Things book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How did the monkey get into monkeywrench? Find out.
George Stimpson

A Book About a Thousand Things, First Edition

This edition is text-only and without the photographs present in the first edition. Scroll down to read a sample from the book. Like the stars in the sky, this aliveness is present whether noticed or not, and when the contraction called "myself" relaxes sufficiently, the aliveness feels obvious and indisputable. That relaxation of the clenched "myself" feels like having been roused from a dream to find oneself alive and aware What is, simply is, and cannot become anything.

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By Judith Farquhar and Qicheng Zhang. Distributed for Zone Books. The myriad ways Beijing residents understand and nurture the good life, drawing on cultural resources ranging from ancient metaphysics to modern media. Coauthored by an American anthropologist and a Chinese philosopher, the book examines the myriad ways contemporary residents of Beijing understand and nurture the good life, practice the embodied arts of everyday well-being, and in doing so draw on cultural resources ranging from ancient metaphysics to modern media. Farquhar and Zhang show that there are many activities that nurture life: practicing meditative martial arts among friends in a public park; jogging, swimming, and walking backward; dancing, singing, and keeping pet birds; connoisseurship of tea, wine, and food; and spiritual disciplines ranging from meditation to learning a foreign language.

A vain artist, a former ballet dancer, a rebellious teenage son and a daughter who writes erotic Seinfeld fan fiction. These aren't your typical family novel protagonists, yet these are the stars of Among the Ten Thousand Things , the debut novel by author Julia Pierpont. See also: 12 books to download for your summer wanderlust. When a mysterious box arrives at the family's home addressed to wife and mother Deb, with pages and pages of printed emails detailing her husband Jack's extramarital affairs, the Shanley's world is thrown into chaos. To make matters worse, the messages are intercepted by Jack and Deb's kids, Simon and Kay, forcing the family to confront how a family can rebuild in light of betrayal. Simultaneously heartbreaking and charming, Among the Ten Thousand Things is what happens when the classic family novel meets millennial cynicism. Mashable caught up with Pierpont to discuss her new book, family and being a debut novelist.


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