What does the bible say about dragonflies

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what does the bible say about dragonflies

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The Meaning of Seeing Dragonflies: Animal Totems: Dragonfly Symbolism

The dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue in every single continent it is found in, and with each civilization, has developed a unique meaning to it, its behavior and its lifestyle. The word Dragonfly and the family it belongs to, Odonata, have evolved from the many myths associated with Dragonflies and their taxonomic cousins, the Damselflies.

What Does a Dragonfly Symbolize? You'd Be Stunned to Know

Symbolism of Dragonflies As a creature of the wind, the dragonlfy totem represents change. It's iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to heed where the proverbial wind blows - lest we run into stormy weather. Dragonflies are also creatures of the water, and any creature whose habitat is in, or around water carries symbolism relative the the subconscious, or "dreaming" mind and thoughts. Quick-list animal symbolism of the dragonfly: prosperity good luck strength peace harmony purity These symbolic meanings of dragonfly are particularly associated in Asian Japan and Native American Plains region circles. Dragonflies carry messages that deal with deeper thought - and they ask that we pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.

For its small size the dragonfly can fly an incredible 60 miles per hour. It can dart quickly from side to side, fly backwards and stop instantly in midair. It can lift 15 times its own weight. Such feats are not yet possible with human aircraft. In addition, its feathers pop up or stay down at various periods throughout each cycle. Dragonflies, looking neither like dragons nor flies, resemble little airplanes. Life starts under water when they hatch from eggs.

Follow Me! Have you had dragonfly sightings and are wondering about dragonfly symbolism and meaning? At a low point in life, God gave me the dragonfly to reassure me of His love, presence, and purpose for my life. When I did a little research about the symbolism of the dragonfly, I was amazed how God used this beautiful creature, to pour His love into my heart. The dragonfly is a symbol of growth and development. She is her strongest when she stays close to her source of strength, the sunlight. As she absorbs warmth from the sun, she reflects it through her wings for the world to see.

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Share animal photographs or incredible animal facts. The former live too little and the latter live too long. The dragonfly has many unique qualities that distinguish it from the millions of other insects on the planet. It is due to this reason that they have never ceased to fascinate man. A brief look at all things that they symbolize, and we cannot help but believe that we indeed have a lot to learn from them.


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