Famous poems about good and evil

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famous poems about good and evil

Evil Quotes (2276 quotes)

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Evil on my mind - adapted from the poem

G: I will battle till forever E: I will disfigure you ever and ever G: By my beliefs I will attract your followers E: By my temptations, I will quench your supporters G: you cannot, I am the starting point, do not worry someday you will die E: I will bring all your allies to the juke joint ha ha, I will die!

Good And Evil. - Poem by Robert Crawford

Im here bounded for life Come to me Break these chains that hold me back help me bring my life back I know, I kno This may all frighten you But please free me from this life of torment Cause if you dont I will surely die With these final words out of my bloody mouth Who will remember me now Not as this decaying evil soul That I most proudly show But as this peaceful hearted man That I desperatly hold withen These two sides of me fights for everlasting control Good Vs. Evil If one finaly wins Will I still be me Or would i become pure good And bring forth peacefull things to the end my life Or will I become absolute evil To remain bound to my chains for all eternity As these being my final words Just go and leave this hideus creature Bound in chains for the sins he has made. Good Vs. Share this poem:. David Wagner. Evil - Poem by David Wagner.

Add to list. Good And Evil When man from Paradise was driven, And thorns around his pathway sprung, Sweet Mercy wandering there from heaven Upon those thorns bright roses flung. Aye, and as Justice cursed the ground, She stole behind, unheard, unseen-- And while the curses fell around, She scattered seeds of joy between. And thus, as evils sprung to light, And spread, like weeds, their poisons wide, Fresh healing plants came blooming bright, And stood, to check them, side by side. And now, though Eden blooms afar, And man is exiled from its bowers, Still mercy steals through bolt and bar, And brings away its choicest flowers. The very toil, the thorns of care, That Heaven in wrath for sin imposes, By mercy changed, no curses are-- One brings us rest, the other roses.

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David Wagner

Devastation wrought In agonizing ill Of God's omnipotence.. Satan's will Would Destiny's course Conceived and executed.. By that Omnipotent Force Author's Note: 'Consequently, if you believe God made Satan, you must realize that all Satan's power comes from God and so that Satan is simply God's child, and that we are God's children also. There are no children of Satan, really.

Shadows tower, And good descend, Where will you go, And who will defend? The battles cries, Good dies. Good cries out, But no one can shout, For evil has messed up their minds, And let live die. When good and evil meet again, They've come to fight for revenge, At the very heart of stone henge. Blood shed and hatred filled the air, But good is rising up from there. They find a golden egg that cracks, With a burst of fiery breath, That lies upon the dragons den, The golden hen that lay it, Was never to be seen again. The every going battle, Never yet ceased since the time when.

Good thoughts, 'tis said, are no more than good dreams Save they be into action put, and that On opportunity depends. If place and power cohered, what good were done Which else, a babe still-born, has no way here, But in the womb of good intention fails, The heart's abortion! Ay, and thuswise too, Full many a foul intent in that it has No power or place of action is debarred A monstrous birth. So nature haply does In some mysterious way we do not know Still hold the balance 'tween the good and ill Of thought in action here, and we become In spite of our own selves full oft indeed Dispensers of a higher equity Than the bare law of reason would allow. Good And Evil.


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