Positive quotes about social workers

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positive quotes about social workers

Social Work Quotes (35 quotes)

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Published 01.01.2019

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20 Inspirational Quotes for Social Workers

This one is for all the helpers out there. As a social worker myself, I know that being a helping professional can be extremely overwhelming at times. We interact with people all day which can be draining depending on your personality. We get emotionally invested in our work. So why do we put ourselves through this? Because we have a passion to help others. Read these 20 inspirational quotes for helping professionals to remind you of why you do what you do, and inspire you to keep being amazing at it.

Here are 20 inspiring quotes that are especially apropos for those who are looking to make a difference, or are thinking about making an important change in their life…. Save Save. Thanks for sharing these. I think a well thought through aphorism can be a spur to action. While I was familiar with some of the quotations above there are many that I had not come across.

Happy Social Work Month! I wanted to take some time today to share some of my favorite social work related quotes. For me, reading quotes and having them nearby to reference helps me get through the tough days AND helps me maintain my focus and remember the reason I got into social work in the first place. Here are 10 of my favorite social work-related phrases and quotes—enjoy!! Those of us in social work, know that social work is so much more than just a job. I am grateful to be in a career that so closely allows me to live my values through my day to day work. Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.


Social work is founded on noble purposes and provides rewards that can sometimes seem short or insufficient in the face of challenging circumstances. Social workers are a part of the few who do care. They care about social injustices committed every day, across the globe—behind closed doors and out in the open. They are the ones who care enough to believe they can make the world a better place. Action begins with a desire. Naturally, heartfelt compassion leads to action.


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