What is the play into the woods about

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what is the play into the woods about

Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim

I have to remember that Im reviewing the book, and not the film adaptation, but frankly, this is my least favourite musical up-to-date, and I only read the first half.

Because what is the nonsense of the second half? No traditional happily-ever-after? An unfaithful prince? A more real-life, completely un-magical ending? Excuse me what?

No no no no no, no thank you.

When I enter a fairytale, I expect a fairytale ending. End of story.

The script was fun to read for the songs, but having seen the movie first, I couldnt make myself read part two, not when I knew how it ended.

And speaking of the movie, it was frankly really boring. I just couldnt get into it, and then frankly disliked it after the second half. Sorry Meryl Streep.
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INTO THE WOODS - Full Performance - Arlington Martin High School

A witch tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree. Because of a curse put on the Baker's family he must set out on a task for the witch to reverse the spell she cast. Little red riding.
Stephen Sondheim

Why “Into the Woods” Matters

Take a journey into the enchanted world of magic beans and moonlit nights, towering giants and handsome princes, and fates sealed and unsealed. This imaginative production employs elaborate costumes, inventive scenery, magical stagecraft, and a single piano to offer an adventure through the woods unlike any other. Show Sponsor. Tigard, Oregon Directions. You may also find her as a guest artist in concerts throughout the U. When Erin is not performing, she enjoys helping others find their way to a healthier lifestyle as a health and wellness coach and spending time with her husband Greg and their blended family, Ariel, Aurora, and Preston.

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The emotions include anxiety, rage, anticipation, possessiveness, nostalgia, suspicion, denial, and dread. The musical weaves together fairy-tale figures like Cinderella, Jack of the beanstalk , Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Rapunzel and the witch, and more than one handsome prince. In Act II, it all falls to pieces. A second giant goes on a killing spree. The princes cheat.


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    Into the Woods is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James .. The Time Magazine reviewers wrote that the play's "basic insight is at heart, most fairy tales are about the loving yet embattled relationship.

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