Stories about kids with disabilities

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stories about kids with disabilities

Best Childrens Books with Disability/Accessibility Themes (115 books)

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Published 01.01.2019

Winnie - Kids with Disabilities

Tall and slender with a wide smile, brown hair and pale blue eyes, Connor is a movie-star-handsome seventeen-year-old high school junior that girls his age would typically want to date. Because Connor has Cerebral Palsy, cannot walk, and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, teenage girls are not flocking to his side hoping to be his girlfriend. Fatherless since birth, raised entirely by his mother and sister, and taught almost exclusively by female teachers since he entered the school system, Connor has limited interaction with the male gender.
Patricia Polacco

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In our previous post , we learned the life-or-death consequences of inaccurate representation of disabled people in teh media. But first — the most important books you need for your bookshelf — stories that normalize disabled characters and includes us in everyday narratives. For more on normalizing targeted identities, check out the Uhura Test , featuring guidelines on normalizing girls of color in kidlit. Also the main character uses a wheelchair. Clean It!

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This got us thinking: What other extra steps have people taken to insure every child, no matter his or her needs, is included? To find out, we turned to you, our Mighty parents. The stranger bent down closer asked again and again and again until finally she understood him.

Home Blog. For millions of children across the world access to a school where they can actually learn is challenging enough. However, in areas that are underprivileged or underserved, an additional hurdle such as disability can prove too difficult to overcome. Children with disabilities can face multiple forms of exclusion, often limiting their participation in their community. At Bridge, we believe that everyone should have access to quality education, independent of their circumstance.




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    Discover the inspirational stories of Adhimano from Kenya; Richard from Children with disabilities can face multiple forms of exclusion, often.

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    Parenting is hard.

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    24 Simple Yet Extraordinary Stories of Kids With Special Needs Being Included | The Mighty

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    Vuran, S. (). Stories about children with disabilities: the writing process and the opinions of the storywriters. Eurasian Journal of Educational Research

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