Philosophical things to talk about

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philosophical things to talk about

Now You See Me (Lacey Flint, #1) by Sharon J. Bolton

One night after interviewing a reluctant witness at a London apartment complex, Lacey Flint, a young detective constable, stumbles onto a woman brutally stabbed just moments before in the building’s darkened parking lot. Within twenty-four hours a reporter receives an anonymous letter that points out alarming similarities between the murder and Jack the Ripper’s first murder—a letter that calls out Lacey by name. If it’s real, and they have a killer bent on re-creating London’s bloody past, history shows they have just five days until the next attempt.

No one believes the connections are anything more than a sadistic killer’s game, not even Lacey, whom the killer seems to be taunting specifically. However, as they investigate the details of the case start reminding her more and more of a part of her past she’d rather keep hidden. And the only way to do that is to catch the killer herself.
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Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version)

I am a deep philosophical thinker who likes asking thought-provoking questions. Philosophy is associated with the study of fundamental and general problems related to matters of knowledge, values, mind, language, reason, and existence. The term philosophy is believed to be coined by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and translates to "love of wisdom.
Sharon J. Bolton

101 Philosophy Questions

Philosophy relates to the study of, and attempts to understand, the root nature of reality, existence, and knowledge. There are many questions in life for which there are no set answers, or such diverging opinions on answers that just raise more questions. Here are 65 deep philosophical questions for you to ponder. Meditation is often useful in helping people to search inside for their own answers and meanings. You will no doubt, already have views on some of these deep philosophical questions, and may have formed quick views on others. On the remaining questions though, think them over and see what they mean to you and what you can learn from the questions themselves.

From pre-schoolers to post-grads, students all over the northern hemisphere are heading back to class for a new school year. So we're channeling that back-to-school spirit and remembering some of our favorite on-campus live recordings over the years. The episodes we have in store for you were recorded all over the country and cover a wide variety of topics. Click the image above to see the programs we pulled From the Archive for your September listening! In the U. Although opponents portray sanctuary cities as besieged by crime, empirical data does not support such claims. But what actually justifies sanctuary policies in the first place?

Many philosophy questions are easy to understand but difficult to resolve satisfactorily. But thinking about them systematically and clearly can help us improve our critical thinking, and gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world. It might also be fun! Is the mind the same as the brain, or do we have souls? Can computers think, or fall in love? Can computers be creative?

A great list of philosophical questions to get you thinking about life, the universe, Topics to talk about – If you are running out of things to talk about or if you are.
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Philosophy goes where hard science can't, or won't. Philosophers have a license to speculate about everything from metaphysics to morality, and this means they can shed light on some of the basic questions of existence. The bad news? These are questions that may always lay just beyond the limits of our comprehension. Our presence in the universe is something too bizarre for words. The mundaneness of our daily lives cause us take our existence for granted — but every once in awhile we're cajoled out of that complacency and enter into a profound state of existential awareness, and we ask: Why is there all this stuff in the universe, and why is it governed by such exquisitely precise laws?




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