Simple facts about mars for kids

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simple facts about mars for kids

Life on Mars by Jon Agee

In this sneaky, silly picture book for fans of Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen, an intrepid but not so clever space explorer is certain he s found the only living thing on Mars

A young astronaut is absolutely sure there is life to be found on Mars. He sets off on a solitary mission, determined to prove the naysayers wrong. But when he arrives, equipped with a package of cupcakes as a gift, he sees nothing but a nearly barren planet. Finally, he spies a single flower and packs it away to take back to Earth as proof that there is indeed life on Mars. But as he settles in for the journey home, he cracks open his cupcakes only to discover that someone has eaten them all!

Readers will love being in on the secret: Unbeknownst to the explorer, a Martian has been wandering through the illustrations the whole time and he got himself a delicious snack along the way.
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Planet Mars Facts Learn Space and Science for Kids

Facts about Mars

It was believed life existed on Mars for much of the nineteenth century. The reason behind this belief was part mistake and part imagination. As others noticed these lines, some suggested that they were too straight and could only be the work of intelligent life. The popular conclusion as to the nature of these lines was that they were canals constructed for irrigation purposes. However, with the development of more powerful telescopes in the early twentieth century, astronomers were able to view the Martian surface more clearly and determine that these straight lines were merely an optical illusion. As a result, the earlier claims of life on Mars were without evidence and, therefore, discarded. The large amount of science fiction written during the twentieth century was a direct outgrowth of the belief that Mars possessed life.


For many years, scientists wondered if life could exist on Mars, sometimes called the Red Planet. Giant canyons and crevices mark the surface and scientists believe Mars once had lots of water. Today, though, only a little ice can be found. Scientists believe that ice lies beneath the surface. The surface of Mars is covered with rock and red dust made from iron. Mars has huge volcanoes and craters. The temperature is very cold, but it might have been warmer a few million years ago.

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Do you know why Mars is called the Red Planet? Find out that and more on this planet printable. When they're done reading all about Mars, kids test their knowledge with fun coloring and unscrambling activities. Don't forget to check out the rest of our Know Your Planets worksheets here. Not an Education. Create an Account.


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