What is chicken soup for the teenage soul about

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what is chicken soup for the teenage soul about

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul by Jack Canfield

If the soul was ever in need of comfort or soothing (which chicken soup supposedly is) then I feel very sorry for the person who goes straight to this book to find it. Another collection of stories etc from real people about life lessons and issues. There is a very mainstream conservative twinge in these books. You never hear stories of people who stopped believing in God or who are from non Judeo Christian religions, are gay, or who committed crimes in their youth or who dropped out of school and that worked out OK (think Richard Branson).
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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship

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Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning

This book was very well written. All the stories posted by teenagers like me, alllowed myself to open up to what they were explaining about. Pretty much what Im saying is this book is a great read. And it can really remind you of who you are. I gave Chicken Soup four stars for Fantastic! This book had so many well written stories filled to the rim with emotion and hearts spilled onto the paper. This is a great addition to the phenomenal Soup collection.

Verone often fantasized about her death and especially dreamed of death by terminal illness — that is until her ovarian cancer diagnosis at After completing chemo and going into remission, she felt called to help others and majored in child psychology at college. Kimberly Kirberger joined the author and compiler team for this project. To ensure authenticity, the authors had teenagers from a California high school read through the stories and give their feedback before its publication. The stories could be written by current teenagers at the time or by adults reflecting on their teenage years. After reading the first two books myself well, I read most of the second one , I was more interested in what would happen in the next two books , but was also very curious about what a version of the series published in the present day would look like.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul is a self-help, consumer good and media company based in Cos Cob, Connecticut. It is known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. The first book, like most subsequent titles in the series, consisted of inspirational true stories about ordinary people's lives. The book became a major best-seller and something of a social phenomenon because of its ability to change others' perspective of certain topics. The books are widely varied, each with a different theme. The company has branched out into other categories such as food, [8] pet food, [9] and television programming.


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