Quotes in spanish about education

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quotes in spanish about education

Higher Education Quotes (50 quotes)

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Published 01.01.2019

10 Best Motivational Quotes to Learn Spanish

Here's a month's worth of Spanish proverbs and sayings along with English translations and interpretations.

Spanish Proverbs and Quotes

So our Spanish graphic designer has dug out some of her favourite inspirational Spanish quotes, and made this lovely series of images. You can check out our first set of inspirational quotes in Spanish here. Did you notice how Spanish uses the subjunctive form for the negative imperative? Another example of the subjunctive hagas — hacer with the imperative haz — hacer. If you are looking for more materials for learning Spanish, then visit our Vocabulary section , with free posters and worksheets for you to download and print out. If videos are more your thing, then we have our series on Basic Spanish Phrases for lower-level students, and an interview-based series, Real Spanish , for more advanced students. Welcome to the second in our series on inspirational Spanish quotes.

2. Frida Kahlo

Proverbs play a key role in Hispanic language and culture. The constant use of the refrain proverb gives the Spaniard his sententious and dogmatical admixture of humor, truism, twaddle, and commonsense. A proverb well introduced is as decisive of an argument in Spain as a bet is in England. Although this still holds true in the 21st century, sometimes, the grammar and word choice is often quite formal. Other Spanish proverbs reflect the attitudes of a specific region.


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    Do you need motivation to help you continue learning Spanish? Or are you simply looking for a list of feel-good Spanish quotes? No worries.

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