Poems about empathy by famous poets

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poems about empathy by famous poets

Empathy Quotes (1050 quotes)

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Top 10 Greatest Poems in the World

Discover 8 powerful poems about humanity and empathy to keep you grounded and inspired in trying times, only on Feather & Flint.

Empathy Poems

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Purcy Flaherty Jan She presents herself as respectful, thoughtful, gentle, kind and considerate and after what seemed to be a very short length of time; unexpectedly declared that she had feelings for me; regarding love, admiration, desire and some other adventures. During intimate moments she would sometimes seem a little awkward, false or acting a little insincere and I made allowances for this given my knowledge of her backstory. She introduced me to her friends but was careful to keep me and them at arms-length, I realise now that she was building an alternative profile of me in their minds. She made many promises : "The hook" It was my expectation i.

When we feel strong and well, it is easy to forget about our own frailties and also the misfortunes, troubles, and sicknesses of others. We are only as strong as is our compassion for those who are weak. For in strength must come the power of understanding and the wisdom to act with gentleness and kind concern for those who are not able to help themselves. It is in the ability to empathize that we show true insight and in the ability to aid that we show our real gifts. These are the real hallmarks of true compassion and strength.

Do you ever have days where your emotions feel closer to the surface than usual—as though it would leave a bruise if someone so much as looked at you the wrong way? Life is short, though I keep this from my children. For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird. For every loved child, a child broken, bagged, sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world is at least half terrible, and for every kind stranger, there is one who would break you, though I keep this from my children.

My Mother's Lesson In Empathy - Poem by Aufie Zophy

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At the time, I was a five-year old boy A visit to my aunty, always a joy My cousin was playing with cars at the back He just had a new one, the body in black Orange lines on the side, oh boy, what a toy Only a few minutes later, it is hard to believe My cousin was called and he had to leave This left us alone, that beautiful car, and me The temptation was great, as great as could be, I could not resist and became a thieve Into my pocket, very smoothly it went, I was delighted, extremely content When we reached home, I told to my mom With much pride about what I had done And that's where contentment would end My mother, incredibly sweet, incredibly bright Swallowed her anger but asked in a voice, slightly tight Please consider for a minute or two How you would feel if someone did this to you. Deep in my mind, I considered this plight. But, oh, what happened to my peers! Just yesterday, it moved me to tears While the children of John were playing their game My peers were trampled to death, what a shame A brilliant poem is so nicely executed. Thanks for sharing.


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