Thinking about you bohemia lyrics

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thinking about you bohemia lyrics

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Thinking About You (Full Lyrics) Sofia feat. Bohemia - Official Lyrics Video - Latest Punjabi Song

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This song is a cover of " Bohemian Rhapsody " by Queen. You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Mama mama molotov esta en la casa Vi la silueta de una verga In the bush in the bush Would you do the fandango Thunderbolts and lightning Very very frightening me Guacareo, guacareo, guacareo miralo Magnifico yo soy un naco y nadie me ama Pinche chamaco no tienes lana Sperm in your wife in her mouth and chichis Easy cum easy go wouldya gimme a blow It smells like "ohh" would you just gimme a blow It smells like "ohh" would you just gimme a blow Gimme one more blow blow Me babaluba Mamalamia mamalamia Ya me hartaste, por favor Miguel seguro gotta pepa put aside for me For me, for me!

Dec 28, Thinking About You Lyrics by Sofia feat Bohemia is English-Punjabi song composed by Alan Sampson. He and Sofia has also written it lyrics.
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BOHEMIA English Translation - HD Lyrics of Only Rap in 'Thinking About You' By "Bohemia"

The song was written by Ocean and produced by Shea Taylor. Originally to be featured on Bridget Kelly 's debut album, Ocean released his original version of the track for free on his Tumblr account in In May , the song was officially sent to radio and released on iTunes as a single by Ocean. Kelly would later release her own version of the track entitled "Thinking Bout Forever". Lyrically, the track is about a relationship just out of his reach and the turmoil that ensues.

Its music is composed by Alan Sampson who has also written its lyrics with Sofia. Who am I? Cause of you, I am all lone. Khayalan ch main rakhda khayal tera Khair teri manga Bhije na kadi koyi baal tera Jadon di tere naal ladiyan akhiyan Duniya kamaal lage mainu bebe, kamaal tera Jawaban vich ghummeya sawal tera Hunn vair duniya naal rakhan main ban ke yaar tera Mainu tere pyar ch je jag maar dena Jind ik hor rab ton udhaar laike vapas aaja Mere naal lade jehda yaad rakhe Kadam koyi meri jagah jehda mere baad rakhe Sanam koyi tera meri jagah mere baad bane Kissa mera tera Teri akhiyan ch raaz bane. Geet sadda sukhan wala jadon dukhi raat bane Kasam tainu, tera mera kadi na mazak bane Bhawein gal-baat na bane Par gal-baat kithon bane Jadon kadi saddi mulakat hi na bane Teri yaad nu hun meri fariyad Ho oh kinni der baad Jivein kadi mainu kalle oh na chhade. Tere baad main lagda abaad Par andron barbaad Par lokan agge athru ni kadde Din raat tera hi deedar Main akhiyan jhukawan ya uthawan Dekha sajje, dekha khabbe Manni haar ve mere vass ton bahar Ve koyi mainu bachaye Ve tainu mere yaadan vichon kadde.


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