Poems about faith in god

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poems about faith in god

102 Poems of Faith by Burdell Brown

Burdell Browns gift of writing religious poetry comes directly from the almighty God. God is his greatest inspiration in life and he uses his enthusiasm for the written Word, as well as reading other poetry, hymns, and scripture as motivation to craft powerful and virtuous poems.

In 102 Poems of Faith, Brown shares with us some of his favorite poems and hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as he did in creating them.
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Lost for Words - A Conversation with God - Spoken Word Poetry

Faith that is foggy, makes it hard to find the road to having eternal peace of mind. Faith that is misty, makes it hard to know how the Holy Spirit the way out will show. Faith that is unclouded, clear and pristine is faith that believes.
Burdell Brown

5 Original Poems About Faith

At times the Christian life can be a difficult journey. Our trust in God may waver, but his faithfulness never falters. These original Christian poems about faith are meant to inspire you with hope and trust in the Lord. Allow these words of truth to rebuild your faith as you put your confidence in the God of the impossible. It urges believers to hang on to hope through every struggle and trial. God's grace will meet us and God's mercy will renew us each new day. God specializes in healing fragmented lives and using them for a glorious purpose.

To have faith is to defy logic. It takes faith to think positively. It takes faith to believe that there is a loving God who cares deeply about our pain. To believe in life, the universe, or yourself after numerous failures is to have courage. Faith is an act of courage.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Poems about Faith Read these poems about faith to encourage you, reminders of how awesome our God is. Verses about belief and our convictions.
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Build your confidence in God with these inspiring poems about faith

STAND IN FAITH Poem recitation

Is there a higher power or a God out there? Why did It create us? What is the meaning of it all? When one is on a spiritual quest, these are some of the questions one encounters. Of course, if such a being were to show itself, that would answer all our questions. But without questions, might that take some of the excitement out of the search?


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