How to not stress about the future

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how to not stress about the future

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Published 31.12.2018

If You're Worried About The Future - WATCH THIS - by Jay Shetty

How to Stop Worrying About the Future

Anxiety was a helpful emotion for humans because it inspired us to take action in the face of real and immediate problems. You know based on past experience that it could be a bear. You feel anxious. As a result of your action, you survive. The people who responded in this fashion were more likely to survive and reproduce. However, we live in a different environment now. Many of our worries about the future are unwarranted.

Our bodies are designed to handle calm situations, and also exciting or dangerous ones. Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure may go up, and your face may get flushed. Your muscles may tighten up, or you might feel anxious. You may feel rushed and confused, or forget things and you may feel sick to your stomach. You might also be irritable, and get into arguments with your family and friends. We live in an interesting, but also fast-paced world.

A word that I think sounds just like it feels: ambiguous. Think about it: am-big-u-ous. To me, the word sounds wobbly, fuzzy, and kind of unsure of itself. For me, and many other people, uncertainty leads to worry. A new year always brings out this side of me. Why do we sometimes worry about the future rather than welcoming it?

But the problem is that the things happening within us are not in our control. Our mind How can I stop thinking and stressing out about the future? Views.
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Thanks Ben for your contribution! These are some pretty important issues that you address. And personally, I found that another excellent strategy to avoid worrying is to proactively address the issues that you are confronted with. I am currently going under a stressful situation at the moment, and on top of that I worry a lot. It is every day and constantly. I feel exhausted.


  1. Patrick Q. says:

    My mind was divided between trying to solidify my future and beating myself up for not having made a solid plan sooner. Would I ever be successful? What if I.

  2. Xuxa M. says:

    “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.” ~Tony Robbins. “Uncertainty” may be one of the least.

  3. Calandre M. says:

    You're not the only one stressing over your future at a young age. Try out any of these hacks to help you stop stressing out and put your full focus on the present!.

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