What is baker street about

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what is baker street about

Baker Street Letters Series by Michael Robertson

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Baker Street Guitar Solo with Tab

This is the most sentimental of all Gerry Rafferty's songs. Baker Street is a real street in London; Rafferty often stayed with a friend who lived there. Raphael Ravenscroft played the sax solo.

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Baker Street is one of the oddest songs to go top 5 on both sides of the Atlantic and certainly one of the strangest to be played three million times on US radio. Since its release, it has been a mainstay of drive-time playlists, but how many of the jocks who played it so relentlessly over the years have really listened to the lyrics, which speak of booze, depression, promiscuous sex and "people with no soul"?
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Nor was I, for many years. They go like this:. The lyrics—in contrast to the seductive sax and upbeat strings and keyboard—are rather dark. They find comfort in booze, chemicals, and occasionally each other. The relationship is probably dysfunctional, but they are struggling to change. Struggling to grow.

Play "Baker Street" on Amazon Music. I see this as sort of a coming of age song-about a young man finding, or figuring out his way in life. The first verse finds him walking home after a night of drinking. He thinks that last year at this time, he thought he'd be somewhere else by now, not here. He thought it would be easy to get out whenever he wanted-"just one more year, and then you'll be happy. But, his dream about buying land and giving up booze and settling down never came to fruition, and the young narrator knows that it will never happen, just as his dreams of moving onto a new chapter in life will never come true.

Released as a single in , it reached No. It spent four weeks at No. In October , the song was recognised by BMI for surpassing five million performances worldwide. Named after Baker Street in London, the song was included on Rafferty's second solo album, City to City , which was his first release after the resolution of legal problems surrounding the break-up of his old band, Stealers Wheel , in In the intervening three years, Rafferty had been unable to release any material because of disputes about the band's remaining contractual recording obligations. Rafferty wrote the song during a period when he was trying to extricate himself from his Stealers Wheel contracts; he was regularly travelling between his family home in Paisley and London, where he often stayed at a friend's flat on Baker Street.


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    What does Baker Street mean?

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    Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street: Booze, promiscuity and punk spirit | Music | The Guardian

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    Released as a single in , it reached 1 in Cash Box and 2 in Billboard — where it held for six weeks.

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