Poems about not being enough

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poems about not being enough

100 Poems Are Not Enough by Walking BookFairs

My first reaction when I saw the cover of this book was of awe. How many leaves are there? And do any of them match? Are no two alike? What an absolutely inspired way of encasing a collection of poems. A hundred leaves of poems? A hundred pages? None alike?

And, when I finished reading these, I thought: yes, though some do bear a resemblance to others, no two poems are exactly alike. Not in subject matter, not in style. There is a poem here on a woman trapped inside a man’s body. Another poem about the script, Ol Chiki. There are poems about war, about nature, about dreams, about a dead and much-loved daughter. There are lots of poems about love, from the bitterness towards a lover who betrayed, to memories of a long-lost love, to love for oneself.

It’s often difficult to rate a collection of writings by different authors (and in this case, some writings which are translated), because there’s bound to be a fair bit of variation in the work. Some works will be outshone by others. 100 Poems Are Not Enough is no exception. Some of these poems were brilliant: brilliantly written, evocative, hard-hitting, insightful, whatever their purpose. My favourites here included Here Again; Da Vinci of the Winds; Rainbows Faded, and Still Unchased; Half a Woman; War; Making Love; I Used to Have Hope and Crazy Dreams; Gas Chamber; The Difficulty of Childhood; Mr Stranger; Hairouna; Waiting and Style.

Sadly, several of the other poems, while not being bad poetry, are marred by ungrammatical language (does poetic license extend to ignoring all rules of grammar?) There were some poems here I cringed through, wondering why it seemed as if even the poet hadn’t bothered to look at their poem again after writing it, let alone an editor reading through the work…

But. But the majority of the poems here I liked a lot, so that’s how I’ll rate this.
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Hannah Dains - "Enough" (Get Lit)

Not Good Enough

Don't have an account? Register Here! I've never had to beg For the warmth of a man It just hasn't been an issue before So maybe that is why I don't understand Am I doing something wrong? Is it him, or is it me? Making me doubt myself, Cutting slow but deeply It eats at me inside Why does it hurt so much? Why should I cry to myself Just because I crave his touch? Why should I feel like its wrong If I want to share his bed?

Next Poem. To all the people who have been hurt, you are not alone. Everyone who has replied to this is going through things too. We are here for you. An when you get those thoughts at night, just think

Add to list. I'm not good enough I try fighting my way through I try holding on tight But you don't see that Do you?
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Maia Mayor - "Perfect"

My mother is still alive at 96, and I am I am the one who visits her and takes her yogurt and toiletries. My late father's pension pays for her accommodation at a home. I used to work Read complete story.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. See also notgoodenough poems notgoodenough collections. Ghost May Saying goodbye and moving on. One of the hardest things in life is learning to say goodbye to someone you once loved. It's even harder to move on im speaking from my past mistakes i wish i could take them back but i cant.


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