Kid friendly facts about blizzard

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kid friendly facts about blizzard

Extreme Weather! Weather For Kids Book On Storms: Hurricanes, Tornados, Blizzards, Thunderstorms & Much More by Leanne Annett

Storms and extreme weather events occur around the world all of the time. Some of these storms can be quite severe, causing damage to property, food crops, animals and even human life.

In her latest children’s book “Extreme Weather! Weather For Kids Book On Storms: Hurricanes, Tornados, Blizzards, Thunderstorms & Much More” author Leanne Annett walks through a variety of extreme weather events and storms. This is Leannes second book in the Kids Nature Books Series.

The book is full of color images to clearly show what each of the extreme weather events is.

Note: This Extreme Weather Kids Nature book has been designed for children aged approximately 7 years and older, who can read the book for themselves. Alternatively, parents can read the book to their kids (of all ages) and enjoy a fulfilling time of child and parent bonding.

The extreme storms covered in this book include:

1. Thunderstorms
2. Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, Typhoons
3. Tornados
4. Snowstorms
5. Blizzards
6. Hailstorms
7. Ice Storms
8. Sandstorms & Dust Storms
9. Firestorms

Why not take advantage of the limited time low price as this Kindle book launches and grab a copy for your child today. I am sure your child will enjoy the colorful pictures and the interesting information on Extreme Weather and Storms.

This Kindle book is exclusive to the Amazon store. It can be easily downloaded and your child can begin reading and learning within a short time.

Please let me know your thoughts on the book by leaving a review after you read it.

Thanks so much and enjoy reading and expanding your knowledge of the world around us.
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10 Facts About Blizzards

Blizzard facts for kids

Winter Storm Watches are usually issued 12 to 48 hours before the beginning of a winter storm. Winter Storm Warnings are usually issued 12 to 24 hours before the event is expected. These conditions should persist for 3 hours. Winter Storms How do winter storms form? Winter storms derive their energy from the clash of two air masses of different temperatures and moisture levels. Winter storms usually form when an air mass of cold, dry, Canadian air moves south and interacts with a warm, moist air mass moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. The point where these two air masses meet is called a front.

Blizzards are powerful winter storms whose high winds and blowing snow cause many hazards. In this lesson, we discuss how and where blizzards form, along with important safety and storm preparation tips. Blizzards are dangerous winter storms with heavy wind and blowing snow.
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A blizzard is a large winter storm. It brings low temperatures , strong winds , and a lot of blowing snow. Blizzards start when a high pressure system touches as low pressure system. The word blizzard is sometimes used incorrectly by news media to talk about big winter storms, even if the storm is not a blizzard. Some areas are more likely to be hit by blizzards than others, but a blizzard can occur in any place where snow falls. In North America , blizzards happen often in the northern-east states , and in the provinces of Canada.

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Snow Facts For Kids. Learn how snow forms, what a blizzard is, different types of snow sports and more. Read on and enjoy learning about snow with our fun facts and trivia. Snow is a form of precipitation, other forms of precipitation are rain , hail and sleet. Snow reflects a high level of ultraviolet radiation and can cause snow blindness photokeratitis. Sunglasses, goggles and other eye protection help absorb the ultraviolet rays. Recreational activities such as snowball fights, tobogganing and making snowmen are also popular in the snow.


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    Blizzard Facts for Kids

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    A blizzard is a large winter storm. It brings low temperatures, strong winds, and a lot of blowing snow. Blizzards start when a high pressure system touches as.

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    Click to read more Blizzard facts or download the worksheet collection. Blizzard occurred across the Great Plains, stranding children in their.

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