What is the movie darkest hour about

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what is the movie darkest hour about

Darkest Hour: How Churchill Brought England Back from the Brink by Anthony McCarten

From the acclaimed novelist and screenwriter of The Theory of Everything comes a revelatory look at the period immediately following Winston Churchill’s ascendancy to Prime Minister—soon to be a major motion picture starring Gary Oldman.

“He was speaking to the nation, the world, and indeed to history...”

 May, 1940. Britain is at war. The horrors of blitzkrieg have seen one western European democracy after another fall in rapid succession to Nazi boot and shell. Invasion seems mere hours away.

 Just days after becoming Prime Minister, Winston Churchill must deal with this horror—as well as a skeptical King, a party plotting against him, and an unprepared public. Pen in hand and typist-secretary at the ready, how could he change the mood and shore up the will of a nervous people?

 In this gripping day-by-day, often hour-by-hour account of how an often uncertain Churchill turned Britain around, the celebrated Bafta-winning writer Anthony McCarten exposes sides of the great man never seen before. He reveals how he practiced and re-wrote his key speeches, from ‘Blood, toil, tears and sweat’ to ‘We shall fight on the beaches’; his consideration of a peace treaty with Nazi Germany, and his underappreciated role in the Dunkirk evacuation; and, above all, how 25 days helped make one man an icon.

 Using new archive material, McCarten reveals the crucial behind-the-scenes moments that changed the course of history. It’s a scarier—and more human—story than has ever been told.

 “McCartens pulse-pounding narrative transports the reader to those springtime weeks in 1940 when the fate of the world rested on the shoulders of Winston Churchill. A true story thrillingly told. Thoroughly researched and compulsively readable.”—Michael F. Bishop, Executive Director of the International Churchill Society
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Darkest Hour review – the woman behind a very great man

The film looks terrific and has an air of authenticity. However, this is a movie that purports an authentic telling of how Churchill and his freshly formed coalition government responded to the prospect of an imminent German invasion. To its credit, Darkest Hour acknowledges that Churchill, when faced with Lord Halifax, a foreign secretary who saw negotiation via Mussolini as a necessity, did reluctantly sanction clandestine talks. Crucially, Lord Halifax did not conspire to become prime minister, as on 9 May — the day the film begins — he was given the chance to take office. In a crucial meeting with Chamberlain and Halifax, Churchill stayed silent when the then PM asked if there was any reason why a peer should not take over at No At such a dire moment a constitutional accommodation was possible. Yet Halifax admitted to close allies that he was in no mood to seize the levers of power, especially if Churchill was left running the war.

Winston Churchill makes a fine movie star. If only we had a leader to match him in real life today

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I n this handsomely mounted but somewhat disingenuous war film from Joe Wright, words, rather than guns, are the main weapons. And wielded by Winston Churchill Gary Oldman , peering beadily from behind a fortification of quivering prosthetics and a battery of smouldering cigars , words can be every bit as persuasive as bullets. Playing out in airless, oak-panelled Westminster boardrooms and the crepuscular tunnels of the Cabinet War Rooms, it is unapologetically wordy. But make no mistake, this is also a movie that is packed to the dusty rafters with blustering old blokes, harrumphing and politely stabbing each other in the back. Kristin Scott Thomas , playing Clemmie Churchill, is a crisp and crucial antidote to all the pugnacious growling. Less successful is the seeding of the film with cosy British signifiers.

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Churchill led them down the latter path.

It asks you to engage intellectually, not just viscerally. And why not: the decisions it depicts may have determined the fate of the world. The Winston Churchill we see here is no cartoon hero or plaster saint. After charting the perilous political waters, he must navigate to gain the support of his war cabinet, the film climaxes with a sublime invention: a scene in which Churchill, on the way to Parliament, bounds out of his traffic-bound limousine, hops on the Underground and listens to a car full of average Londoners voice their support for his war aims. A kindred excellence characterizes the striking collaboration between Joe Wright and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel , who together give the film a very nuanced and engaging balance of light and shadow, eloquent movement and meditative stasis. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr


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    Darkest Hour () - IMDb

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    Darkest Hour is a war drama film directed by Joe Wright and written by Anthony McCarten. Set in May , it stars Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill and.

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    I miss you sad face voyage aux îles de la désolation

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    The German advance leads to friction at the highest levels of government between those who would make a peace treaty with Adolf Hitler , and Churchill, who refused.

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    During World War II, as Adolf Hitler's powerful Wehrmacht rampages across Europe, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Neville Chamberlain, is forced to resign, recommending Winston Churchill as his replacement. However difficult and dangerous his decision may be, Churchill.

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