Short story about an island

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short story about an island

Island: A Story of the Galápagos by Jason Chin

Charles Darwin first visited the Galápagos Islands almost 200 years ago, only to discover a land filled with plants and animals that could not be found anywhere else on earth. How did they come to inhabit the island? How long will they remain?
Thoroughly researched and filled with intricate and beautiful paintings, this extraordinary book by Award-winning author and artist Jason Chin is an epic saga of the life of an island—born of fire, rising to greatness, its decline, and finally the emergence of life on new islands.
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The deserted island

Add to Read List. I found a very old book in a book shop when I was searching some interesting story books to read. I got and took it at my home. When I opened that book I found some ancient maps, codes and some symbols. It was very interesting when I studied in detail. I figure out all the secret codes present there. I found that there is some treasure on Zamlope Island the mysterious island.

I woke up in the middle of nowhere looking for my parents. They were nowhere to be found. All I remember was a cruise boat and a thunderous storm. I looked into the crystal clear ocean around me. Colourful fish were swimming around gracefully between harmless coral. The scorching, hot sun had made me as dry as bones.

The Island A Short Story. My friend Tom and I pitched in and bought a twelve foot rowboat. Tom suggested we take a trip down the river in our boat, taking supplies and spending the night on an island not too many miles from our homes. I liked Tom's suggestion so we began planning our trip. Tom and I decided to go to our respective homes and gather the supplies needed to spend the night on the island.

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And in the desert between the two rivers the battle which had been going on for many days continued. Day and night the whole desert was filled with the intermingled sounds of cannon and machine-gun fire, the neighing of horses and the shouts of soldiers. In disorderly groups, one after the other, the soldiers of the disrupted army fled south to the farther end of the desert straight for the Mediterranean Sea. Many cannonballs caught up with them and exploded in the middle of these crowds of soldiers, flinging sand upward into the sky together with arms, legs, and other body parts. Sight was obscured by hurricanes of sand spiraling upward from the desert.

When I woke up,I found myself on a deserted island. The velvetish and golden sand was full of strange seashells. Suddenly,two green creatures appeared from the palm trees forest. They were two funny and friendly aliens! They told me about their planet, Jupiter, and how they have been let on Earth because they wanted to see how do people live here. But in fact,their alien friends calculated wrong and let them on that deserted island. Even if they were real aliens,I showed them some of the things that people usually do on an island,like:making juice from coconuts and pineapples,houses from tree branches,clothes from leaves and jewellery from stems and flowers.



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