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what is tagged show about

Tagged & Ashed (Sterling Shore, #2) by C.M. Owens

The cunning predator, the willing prey, and a weekend neither of them will be able to forget... ever. Ash Branderwood was told one thing before going to her best friends brothers wedding - dont get Tagged.

Theres always that one guy you shouldnt want, but you just cant help yourself. Hes going to be horrible for your health, hell probably break your heart, but hes going to be so much fun while hes doing it. Stay away. Ash Branderwood cant seem to heed such logic when she meets playboy millionaire Tag Masters.

Weddings always seem to create a false sense of intimacy, but Ash doesnt take that into consideration when she starts fantasizing about the man she cant possibly tame. Shes a good girl... well, good enough. Shes never really taken any chances or done something irrational or foolish. Tag is just the person to rectify that for her.

Tag has never done anything but take chances. He never had anything to lose - so he risked it all and built his name up in Sterling Shore. Meaningless sex is one of his many hobbies, and hes not looking to settle down any time soon. After all, these are the best years of his life.

But, one look at Ash, and he almost forgets his own name. And what in the hell is she doing at Wrens wedding with Bity?

Tag is almost furious when he sees Billy Prize brought a girl as stunning as Ash, considering Tag doesnt feel as though Billy deserves such a thing. He has to have her... at least once... possibly twice.

It was supposed to be a weekend of fun, one shed remember just long enough to forget. But she quickly realizes theres one thing for sure... shes never going to be able to forget Tag Masters, only it isnt for reasons one might think.

All hell breaks loose when secrets emerge, but when Ashs life is endangered, Tag has to put aside his own issues to keep her safe.
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Guess Who Tweeted It? Noah Centineo and the cast of Tagged Season 3

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Trevor having one of the best developments in the whole show and being the softest character. Love that. Seriously give me a pick up truck and flashlight… because damn, prison is going to break my precious child. He carries carries stuffed toys in his backpack and spends his lunch cleaning up hate posters of Rowan for fuck sake. He literally saves her from being hit by a truck and only goes to the bloody zoo party in the first place to protect her from the real Cobra. You trying to tell me that Brandon is the master mind trying to get them all killed.

Sign in. After the bonfire, Rowan and Elisia are determined to confront KingCobra, convinced they now know who it is. Rowan and Elisia learn that listening to a friend when they need you and leaning on family when you need them is not a sign of weakness but a sign of courage and strength. The girls get closer on their hunt for why Monkeyman is after them. However, a corrupt hard drive appears revealing something they never expected.

In it he plays a pretty suave and confident jock with a name probably tweeted and uttered more than any other's this summer: Peter Kavinksy.
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As much fun as sharing your photos on Instagram or Snapchatting your entire day may be, it can be a little nerve-wracking when you think about how anyone in the world could have access to your life on such a personal level. AwesomenessTV 's new psychological thriller series T gged takes the issue of privacy to the extreme and shows what happens when your social media profile falls into the wrong hands. It's basically Pretty Little Liars meets social media, but instead of "A" sending text messages, a user named "monkeyman" links three girls to a terrifying video that could lead to someone's death.

The series is produced by AwesomenessTV. The first season premiered on July 19, on go90 , [2] with the second season premiering on go90 on May 9, Their social media profiles clue someone in on a lot of things about them, including where they live. The only way to save their lives is to figure out who's doing this, before the killer gets to them first. In September , it was announced that T gged was renewed for a second season, slated for a premiere. T gged was filmed in New Mexico. The second season began production in September


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