Poems about feeling unloved by your husband

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poems about feeling unloved by your husband

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Published 30.12.2018

I'm Not Okay - Spoken Word Poetry

Unloved poetry: And in them I saw the pain I feel. That was the moment. I realized I had it Even if it would help her partner in some way. She said she hated.

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Life of an unloved Child. I stayed ashamed of my life for things that were done to me, only to wish they would fade in time but that day has yet to be seen. All of the abuse and the molestation made life as child so confusing. I was so full of anger and frustration with no one to understand me. The beatings came from both men, also the relentless name-calling, missing school due to bruises, fat lips really all for nothing only to stroke their ego I guess. As a child I wanted my mother but you see she was not safe either she had no backbone, no voice she didn't value the life that she'd given. My heart was scarred for life with no repair insight.

And there's nothing I can do So please stay and be my love; And promise, will never be part. How helpless I feel Without you What am I to do.
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Stephanie Hicks has lived in Bend, Oregon, since She is raising four teenagers.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. K Paige Oct Princess is a mean word. I drank because it was a little less toxic Than the sensation of drowning Swaying to the music I could forget The waves pulling me under for a moment I searched for comfort Among cold, hallow people Bones had never shown love And that didn't change I was left to my pernicious thoughts Little girls shouldn't be morbid But women aren't made of love Though it is a common misconception. Continue reading Purcy Flaherty Mar


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    Just Me Feeling The Neglect?, Once, Relationship Poem

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    How can you hurt me?

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    This post discusses the achingly lonely feeling of feeling unloved in marriage, what to do with it, and some alternative explanations of what may really going on in your relationship.

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