10 facts about ansel adams

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10 facts about ansel adams

Ansel Adams: Americas Photographer by Beverly Gherman

Ansel Adams: America’s Photographer by Beverly Gherman is a book that opens up Ansel Adams’ life as a photographer living in San Francisco. He mostly took landscape pictures and is known mostly for his landscape pictures of Half Dome, which is in Yosemite, CA. The reader gets to hear about Adams’ childhood living in San Francisco and follow him growing up as he begins to attach to photography and the piano. The book is an easy read which lets younger people read is without trouble. We get to hear about all the people, events, and surroundings that influenced Adams and impacted him in the locations where he photographed. This book would be good in the classroom because it is a simple book about how aspects in our lives can influence the activities we enjoy and can shape our lives. The book is also good because even though it has a lot of words, there are some pictures that go with some events in Adams’ life that make the book more enjoyable.
I would like to know why the author did not include any of Ansel Adams colorful pictures or explain that he has some pictures in color? Was it hard to focus on his life instead of just his photography career?
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An Inside Look at Ansel Adams' Photography In Yosemite

10 Interesting Things I Learned About Ansel Adams

Adams, born in , grew up in a house amid the dunes of the Golden Gate — the strait between San Francisco and Marin County — before the famous bridge linking the two headlands was built. Adams taught himself how to read music and play the piano, and it seemed destined to be his career. But while he dedicated himself to mastering the instrument, from onwards he also began to visit Yosemite National Park every summer. A new era began for me. As his attachment to Yosemite grew, Adams became more involved with the Sierra Club , the organisation behind the national park.

Today is the birthday of American photographer and noted environmentalist, Ansel Adams , who is famous for his monochromatic landscapes and heartfelt enthusiasm for national parks. The photographer would turn years old if he were still alive today. Adams began his career as a photographer in the early 20th century selling snapshots of Yosemite National Park. Obsessed with fine-tuning his craft, the San Francisco-born artist was known to dabble in everything from soft-focus imagery to etching before settling on a photographic style marked by sharp contrast and intense exposures. Over the course of his year career, he worked closely with fellow photographers Fred Archer and Alfred Stieglitz , showed his work at a major retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and helped to found the major photography magazine, Aperture.

Famed photographer Ansel Adams drained the color from life to great effect. His black-and-white photographs of famous landscapes like Yosemite National Park have been seen by millions, reproduced on calendars and posters, and recognized by presidents as being crucial to conservation efforts. During an aftershock, he lost his balance and fell face-first into a garden wall, breaking his nose. Adams was a solitary kid, studying at home and wandering trails by himself. He began practicing the piano at the age of 12, and by 18, he decided he would make it a profession and began a path to becoming a concert pianist.

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, California.
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Ansel Adams was not only a masterful photographic technician but a lifelong conservationist who pleaded for understanding of, and respect for, the natural environment. Although he spent a large part of his career in commercial photography, he is best known for his majestic landscape photographs. His father, a successful businessman, sent his son to private, as well as public, schools; beyond such formal education, however, Adams was largely self-taught. His earliest aspiration was to become a concert pianist, but he turned to photography in the late teens of the century; a trip to Yosemite National Park in , where he made his first amateurish photos, is said to have determined his direction in life. Subsequently, he worked as photo technician for a commercial firm. He joined the Sierra Club in and worked as a caretaker in their headquarters in Yosemite Valley.


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