Imagine stories about your crush dirty

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imagine stories about your crush dirty

Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas, #1) by J.A. Low

He was everything she wasn’t looking for …

Finding a naked rock star in my bed was not how I saw my new life starting. Especially when that rock star is Evan Wyld, guitarist of the hottest band on the planet, Dirty Texas.

He looks dirty as sin with colorful tattoos, muscles and piercings in all the right places. Summer is about to heat up as I join Dirty Texas on their European tour.

She was everything he wasn’t ready for…

Sienna Hayes is off limits, but ever since the blonde bombshell accidentally climbed into my bed, I’ve been fantasizing about the ways I could help her get over her ex.

She has baggage, but I’m known for being a good time. Maybe I can be her rebound, help put her back together again. 

One little taste can’t hurt; can it?
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imagine your crush while watching this- 18+ pls!!!!

Fifty Shades of Grey Imagine

Your camping out with a bunch of friends. You start hammering one of the ends of the tent down, trying your hardest not to hit your finger again for the billionth time. You had never gone camping before, but you were finding it so fun. The chances were as slim as the chance that he would like you back. You walk towards him, and take a seat next to him.

Maybe it was the way he laughed at the joke I made and brushed his hand against mine. Maybe it was how the shirt he was wearing was a little too tight and really complemented his eyes. Maybe it was the way the others looked at us with confusion. The warm summer breeze floated through your open window, calming you as you laid on your bed. Midnight was nearing and you were growing restless, considering the fact that you had been home by yourself all day.

You know you shouldn't be in here, but the rumors and the fantasies have been swarming throughout your head the entire night, through the loud conversations of the dinner party, the clanking of the wine glasses you couldn't afford, and the aching of your feet from the heels you know you don't belong in. You've never been the money type. After all, you were only here because your uncle needed you to cover for him. Something about an unexpected business trip. At first you hated the idea, but now, standing in the middle of the Christian Grey's bedroom, the night seems to suck a little less. You gaze down toward your feet, completely forgetting that you had taken off your heels from the blisters they were creating just minutes before he showed up. As soon as the sentence leaves your lips, you realize how dumb that sounds, but instead of walking out of the room, he walks closer toward you and gently grabs your hand to lead you over to the bed.

(Dirty af) from the story Your Crush Imagines by xJenna_baex (Jenna ;p) with be some mature content but I'll warn you beforehand when an imagine is dirty.
i miss you sad face

— imagine four

You would never be the type of person he is, but you were so attracted to him. Even so, you know what they say. Opposites attract. You think nothing of it. You take this as a sign of aggression, so subconsciously your face makes a sad and worried expression, and you nervously take a strand of your hair and pull it behind your ears.




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