Famous quotes about bath england

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famous quotes about bath england

Quote by Jane Austen: “Oh! Who can be ever tired of Bath?”

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“Oh! Who can be ever tired of Bath?”

Bath is one of Britain's most appealing cities. Exquisite Roman and Georgian architecture, hipster hang-outs and swish spas make it hard to resist. Read More. Bath's extraordinary array of architectural treasures has earned the whole city Unesco World Heritage Site status. It's easy to see why. Their construction turned Bath into the destination for 18th century society. This city's history isn't all about the architecture.

Its magnificent Roman Baths and stylish Georgian streets and architecture make this a wonderful gem for tourists. The first time I visited there was in December, In this revisit, I was a more intentional traveller. With a detailed street map of Bath in my hand, I went exploring the places mentioned in the novel, coincidentally, many of them I missed in my last visit. But the star-crossed lovers are granted the bliss of a second chance, and rightly grab it this time. The Georgian City was the centre of fashion and the epitome of genteel society, a hotbed of social phenom for the critic and satirist in Austen.

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Welcome to Bath

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