Saying about religion and politics

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saying about religion and politics

Religion And Politics Quotes (5 quotes)

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Published 29.12.2018

Religion and Politics

5 quotes have been tagged as religion-and-politics: Levi Jones: 'Religon and But when Christ said: “Render unto Cæsar the things that are Cæsar's, and unto .

Famous Quotes on Religion

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Billy Graham once said, "The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it. Billy Graham publicly warned against the prospect of religious figures becoming too attached to a political stance. Several readers contacted us in January seeking to confirm a statement attributed to the elder Graham:. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "religion-and-politics" Showing of 5. The Stoics could only advise the wise man to hold aloof from politics, keeping the unwritten law in his heart. For our Lord not only delivered the precept, but created the force to execute it.

Others also noted that politicians can and do use religion in the pursuit of Second, instead of simply saying that religion is useful to a ruler.
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When I was growing up, that expression was drummed into to me countless times. However I found I had an ungoing internal struggle against that "sagely" advice from my family. While, at the heart of it, I understood the reasons why I was being advised not to create a heated discussion that could cause irrevokable offense, it constantly nagged at me Yesterday, while reading through some of these fora it struck me Politics and Religion are two of the most influential factors on human existence and our future.

Polling and Analysis. People in Central and Eastern Europe generally see churches and other religious institutions — now back in the public sphere after being largely hidden during the Soviet era — as making positive contributions to society. Respondents in the region tend to say that churches play beneficial roles in their countries by strengthening social bonds and helping the poor. At the same time, considerable shares in many countries — including majorities in some — also say religious institutions are overly focused on money and power, excessively focused on rules and too involved with politics. Indeed, majorities in most countries surveyed prefer that religion be kept separate from government policies and say religious leaders should have little or no influence in political matters even if they perceive these same religious leaders as having at least some political influence. Adults in Orthodox-majority countries are more comfortable with state support for religion than are people in Catholic-majority or religiously mixed nations surveyed. In Georgia and Armenia, for example, the prevailing view is that government should promote religious beliefs and values.

Sign Up. My Account. Privacy Settings. Religious Quotes. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.


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    The Greek philosopher Aristotle had quite a lot to say about the nature of politics and political systems.

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    Mark Twain Quotes on Politics and Religion

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    Inspirational quotes about religion and politics. Quotes on "Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is." ~ Mahatma.

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