Thomas edison facts about his life

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thomas edison facts about his life

Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives by Gene Barretta

What do record players, batteries, and movie cameras have in common?
All these devices were created by the man known as The Wizard of Menlo Park: Thomas Edison.
Edison is most famous for inventing the incandescent lightbulb, but at his landmark laboratories in Menlo Park & West Orange, New Jersey, he also developed many other staples of modern technology.  Despite many failures, Edison persevered. And good for that, because it would be very difficult to go through a day without using one of his life-changing inventions. In this enlightening book, Gene Barretta enters the laboratories of one of America’s most important inventors.
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Thomas Edison - Inventor - Mini Bio - BIO

Read on! At the end, review our question sheet in the Activity section to test your knowledge of this very famous inventor.
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Thomas Edison Facts For Kids – Thomas Edison Biography For Kids

He established the first industrial research laboratory. Edison was raised in the American Midwest ; early in his career he worked as a telegraph operator , which inspired some of his earliest inventions. He later established a botanic laboratory in Fort Myers, Florida in collaboration with businessmen Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone , and a laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey that featured the world's first film studio , the Black Maria. He was a prolific inventor , holding 1, US patents in his name , as well as patents in other countries. Edison married twice and fathered six children. He died in of the complications of diabetes.

Thomas Edison unveiled the phonograph —which reproduced sounds by means of the vibration of a stylus following a groove on a rotating disc—in December Edison was projected into worldwide prominence and was dubbed the Wizard of Menlo Park. Thomas Edison played a significant part in introducing the modern age of electricity. His inventions included the phonograph, the carbon-button transmitter for the telephone speaker and microphone , the incandescent lamp , the first commercial electric light and power system, an experimental electric railroad , and key elements of motion-picture equipment. Edison was the quintessential American inventor in the era of Yankee ingenuity. He began his career in , in the adolescence of the telegraph industry, when virtually the only source of electricity was primitive batteries putting out a low-voltage current.

People often say Edison was a genius. He answered, "Genius is hard work, stick-to-it-iveness, and common sense. In , when he was seven, the family moved to Michigan, where Edison spent the rest of his childhood. He did so poorly that his mother, a former teacher, taught her son at home. Al learned to love reading, a habit he kept for the rest of his life. He also liked to make experiments in the basement.

Surprisingly, Edison did not learn to talk until he was almost four years old.
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In his 84 years, Thomas Edison acquired a record number of 1, patents singly or jointly and was the driving force behind such innovations as the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb and one of the earliest motion picture cameras. In addition to his talent for invention, Edison was also a successful manufacturer and businessman who was highly skilled at marketing his inventions—and himself—to the public. He was the seventh and last child born to Samuel Edison Jr. Thomas Edison received little formal education, and left school in to being working on the railroad between Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan , where his family then lived. During the Civil War , Edison learned the emerging technology of telegraphy, and traveled around the country working as a telegrapher.


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