What is the borrowers about

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what is the borrowers about

The Borrowers (The Borrowers, #1) by Mary Norton

Beneath the kitchen floor is the world of the Borrowers -- Pod and Homily Clock and their daughter, Arrietty. In their tiny home, matchboxes double as roomy dressers and postage stamps hang on the walls like paintings. Whatever the Clocks need they simply borrow from the human beans who live above them. Its a comfortable life, but boring if youre a kid. Only Pod is allowed to venture into the house above, because the danger of being seen by a human is too great. Borrowers who are seen by humans are never seen again. Yet Arrietty wont listen. There is a human boy up there, and Arrietty is desperate for a friend.
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1993 The Borrowers

A spunky little girl named Kate is making a quilt with Mrs. May, a nice old lady who lives with her when… wait a minute.
Mary Norton

"The Borrowers" by Mary Norton

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When I first read The Borrowers aged about seven, it barely seemed fiction, apart from trivial details like the main characters being slightly undersized and living under the floorboards beneath a long case clock. In every other way the lives of the Clock family and the meticulous social distinctions the mother Homily struggled so hard to maintain — the Clocks clearly superior to the sunburnt outdoor Borrowers like Spiller, but uneasy about their precise status in relation to snooty families like the Harpsichords and the Overmantels — seemed perfectly familiar. I was born into a rented flat in a large house, in a once genteel suburb of Dublin where keeping up appearances was a daily struggle for many: there were still boot-scrapers to be used by boys delivering painfully tiny grocery orders, a butler who could be hired by the hour for luncheon parties, and striped cloth covers taken out annually at the first threat of sunlight to preserve wood grained front doors. And there were clearly Borrowers in that house, almost visible through the broad gaps between the draughty uncarpeted floorboards. So many things disappeared forever — stamps, scissors, small pieces of jewellery, the broken-off silver handle of a butter knife, needles, all the keys to the inner doors which I guiltily remember gathering up one bored day though I could genuinely never recall what happened next. If my arty, jeans-wearing mother was absolutely not Homily with her long apron and slipping hairpins, she had her own Homily anxieties about her background and upbringing. My parents eventually bought the whole house at a bargain price and replaced Victorian gloom with red lino floor tiles and yellow formica kitchen units later replaced again with as close to the originals as my remorseful mother could contrive and I read the succession of books in which Mary Norton continued the story of the Borrowers.

Mary Norton's story about Arrietty, a girl about 6-inches tall and the others like her, is a classic children's book. Borrowers are miniature people who live in hidden places, such as inside walls and under floors, in people's homes.
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Linda Crampton is a teacher who enjoys reading and creative writing. Her favourite genres are classic literature, fantasy, myth, and poetry. The Borrowers is a story about a family of tiny people that live in a home under the floorboards of a house. Pod, the father in the family, secretly "borrows" collects food and other items from the house. This enables him, his wife Homily, and his teenage daughter Arrietty to enjoy a comfortable life. As the story progresses, Arrietty becomes increasingly frustrated with having to remain hidden and being unable to explore the world.


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    The Borrowers is a children's fantasy novel by the English author Mary Norton, published by Dent in It features a family of tiny people who live secretly in.

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    The English language version of the Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty arrives in theaters today (check out Matt Blum’s review and Kathy Ceceri’s perspective on the film’s science). The book which inspired Miyazaki’s film was written by Mary Norton and published in.

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    The Borrowers - Wikipedia

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