Things to think about before sleep

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things to think about before sleep

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Published 29.12.2018


10 Things… We Think of Before Falling Asleep

Show less Having an active and creative imagination is a great gift. At night, though, it's not always so great, especially if it's keeping you awake. Don't despair! This article will introduce a few ways to help you fall asleep when your mind is over-active. To calm your imagination before sleep, take a few long, deep breaths before you lie down for bed, which can help you relax so it's easier to sleep. You can also put on some relaxing music or sing a calming song in your head to stop your mind from racing.

Yes, we temporarily forget the inevitable morning coldness and promise , promise ourselves solemnly that our new morning routine will encompass a run. Maybe 5k, maybe even 10k? The diet starts tomorrow. Sausage rolls are out. Apples and oranges are in.

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Does getting to bed feel like a nightmare? We might experience racing thoughts or a thought or two that keeps gnawing at us. Then those thoughts can turn into worry thoughts about not being able to function the next day because we slept poorly. It can become a vicious cycle. Below, Dr. Epstein and sleep specialist Stephanie Silberman , Ph. D, share their insight on quieting your worries and sleeping well.

No offense to sheep, of course. A veritable smorgasbord of things keep me awake, but anxious thoughts are the biggest culprit. I've tried a lot of techniques to ease this nighttime stress, and a big one that works for me is focusing my mind on something, anything, that isn't my anxiety-inducing thought spiral. Counting sheep is fun and all, but what works even better is concentrating on things that make me feel grateful and content , which helps me drift off to a a perfectly dreamy sleep a lot faster. Here are some of my favorite topics:. This one is all visual, which is a great way to shut out any negative words floating around in your mind. To start, think of a place that you have only good associations with: Your best friend's house, your partner's bed, a movie theater, a pretty spot in a park, the possibilities are endless.


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