5 facts about hernan cortes

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5 facts about hernan cortes

Conquistador: Hernán Cortés, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs by Buddy Levy

Traveling from Veracruz to Mexico City is not a major journey - unless you do it on foot, wearing full metal armor, offroad without good maps, and with thousands of ferocious warriors trying to kill you. Who would attempt this? Only one guy. Buddy Levys book Conquistador allows us to march alongside one of historys most insanely-courageous leaders: Hernan Cortes.

The book compels readers eagerly down this deadly road for God, gold and glory. Despite an avalanche of facts, the complexities of weapons, battles, alliances and negotiations are made clear without slowing the riveting drama.

The narrative documents three controversial propositions. 1) Hernan Cortes was a military genius of Napoleonic or Alexanderic magnitude. He pulled off an incredibly-ballsy, nearly-impossible feat, regardless of how we view it ethically.

2) This wasnt a simple confrontation between Europeans and Natives. What Cortez orchestrated was a new-world civil-war, pitting Aztecs against oppressed neighbors, who hated them enough to fight bravely with Cortes as the lesser of two evils.

3) Despite foul hypocrisy and kindergarden theology, Hernan is to the Americas what Constantine is to Europe: a bloody apostle who spread the Word with the help of swords and prophetic visions. (Constantine saw a cross in the sky by which hed conquer; Montezuma saw a kingdom from across the sea by which hed be conquered. These two omens helped propel an Asian called Jesus into a global faith.)

If you doubt the long-term religious influence of the cruel Cortes, consider my recent experience. Visiting a remote Chinantec village in Mexico, I commented on what looked like a Day of the Dead altar. Villagers rebuked me insisting We are Catholics, this is an All Saints Day altar, and Day of the Dead is pagan necromancy! Point taken. To say Hernan Cortes was merely a marauder with no spiritual impact is to say you havent traveled Latin America much. Admire him or hate him, this guy matters, so the gripping Conquistador matters too.
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Hernan Cortes: Conquered the Aztec Empire - Fast Facts - History

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Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conquistador and the leader of the expedition which brought down the mighty Aztec Empire between and Cortes was a ruthless leader whose ambition was matched only by his conviction that he could bring the natives of Mexico to the Kingdom of Spain and Christianity - and make himself fabulously wealthy in the process. As a controversial historical figure, there are many myths about Hernan Cortes. What's the truth about history's most legendary conquistador? In , Governor Diego Velazquez of Cuba outfitted an expedition to the mainland and selected Hernan Cortes to lead it. The expedition was to explore the coastline, make contact with the natives, perhaps engage in some trade, and then return to Cuba. As Cortes made his plans, however, it was clear that he was planning a mission of conquest and settlement.

Hernando Cortes Facts.
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Interesting Facts about Hernán Cortés

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He finally sailed for the island of Hispaniola now Santo Domingo in In Hispaniola he became a farmer and notary to a town council; for the first six years or so, he seems to have been content to establish his position. He contracted syphilis and, as a result, missed the ill-fated expeditions of Diego de Nicuesa and Alonso de Ojeda, which sailed for the South American mainland in He was now in a position of some power and the man to whom dissident elements in the colony began to turn for leadership. His sense of the dramatic, his long experience as an administrator, the knowledge gained from so many failed expeditions, above all his ability as a speaker gathered to him six ships and men, all in less than a month. In March he landed at Tabasco , where he stayed for a time in order to gain intelligence from the local Indians.

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer who overthrew the Aztec empire and claimed most of Mexico for the crown of Spain. His father was an officer in the Spanish army. He belonged to a lesser noble family in Spain. Hernan studied at the University of Salamanca for a time. His parents hoped that he would become a lawyer one day. Declan, Tobin.

Welcome to another article of Facts King! A Conquistador was a Spanish or Portuguese soldier that went from Europe to other territories to conquer them and take advantage of their riches. He spent a while in the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola before he led an unauthorized expedition to Mexico. However, the new king, Charles V, ordered him to go back to Spain because they were going to send royal authorities there. He went back in and died there a few years later. He did some preparatory studies, studied Latin with an uncle, and worked as a notary, but he ended up quitting his studies to pursue his dream of going to the Americas. Some people believe he studied law at University of Salamanca, but this is a myth.


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