Conversation between teacher and parent about studies

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conversation between teacher and parent about studies

The Essential Conversation: What Parents and Teachers Can Learn from Each Other by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

With the insights she has gleaned from her close and subtle observation of parent-teacher conferences, renowned Harvard University professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot has written a wise, useful book about the ways in which parents and teachers can make the most of their essential conversation—the dialogue between the most vital people in a child’s life.

“The essential conversation” is the crucial exchange that occurs between parents and teachers—a dialogue that takes place more than one hundred million times a year across our country and is both mirror of and metaphor for the larger cultural forces that define family-school relationships and shape the development of our children. Participating in this twice-yearly ritual, so friendly and benign in its apparent goals, parents and teachers are often wracked with anxiety. In a meeting marked by decorum and politeness, they frequently exhibit wariness and assume defensive postures. Even though the conversation appears to be focused on the student, adults may find themselves playing out their own childhood histories, insecurities, and fears.

Through vivid portraits and parables, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot captures the dynamics of this complex, intense relationship from the perspective of both parents and teachers. She also identifies new principles and practices for improving family-school relationships. In a voice that combines the passion of a mother, the skepticism of a social scientist, and the keen understanding of one of our nation’s most admired educators, Lawrence-Lightfoot offers penetrating analysis and an urgent call to arms for all those who want to act in the best interests of their children.

For parents and teachers who seek productive dialogues and collaborative alliances in support of the learning and growth of their children, this book will offer valuable insights, incisive lessons, and deft guidance on how to communicate more effectively. In The Essential Conversation, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot brings scholarship, warmth, and wisdom to an immensely important cultural subject—the way we raise our children.

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Daily English Speaking - Part 42 - Parents Teacher Meeting - Daily English Conversation - Cherry

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Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Conversation between a Parent and a Teacher

Practice the Conversations of This Topic with Mike. Meeting Child's Teacher at School 1. Repeat A: It's nice to meet you. B: I'm glad we're meeting today. Thank you. A: You're welcome. B: I would like to talk to you about your daughter.

Meaningful parent-teacher conversations should happen regularly, but both are incredibly busy individuals. With this in mind, what are the most beneficial talks that can happen between them? To make it easy, the list below is courtesy of TeachThought. It features 20 questions for prompting the best parent-teacher conversations imaginable. When we say "best" we're talking about the ones that really matter, to them and to students. These 20 questions from TeachThought spark the most crucial parent-teacher conversations to have. Such conversations are a benefit to everybody , including learners themselves.

Parent-teacher conversations need to happen regularly, but which are the best ones to have? These 20 With this in mind, what are the most beneficial talks that can happen between them? How is education changing?.
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A parent catches you at drop-off one morning and wants to know why her son got in trouble the day before, since he never misbehaves at home. At the end of a long day of parent-teacher conferences, you are scheduled to meet with the parent of a student who consistently misses assignments, with a different excuse each time. Getting through these conversations with your relationships intact — while still getting your point across — can be difficult. You have to convey that to the parent without making them feel wrong about the way they see the child. Colleagues — whether they are fellow teachers or administrators — present a different type of challenge. And the newer teachers can feel that their ideas are being rejected without being given a chance.

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