Its not about the money

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its not about the money

Quote by H.L. Mencken: “When somebody says it’s not about the money, it...”

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Published 29.12.2018

Its Not About Money by Fille

It’s NOT about the Money, Money, Money…

Luke , Claude Kelly and B. B , and it was produced by Dr. It serves as the album's lead single in the United States. An official remix features British rapper Devlin. Elsewhere, the single also topped the charts in Ireland and New Zealand, becoming Jessie J's first number-one single in all these countries and her native United Kingdom. The song was also the biggest-selling collaboration of the year in the UK.

So it's no wonder that she has been called a bit of a hypocrite for her song "Price Tag" which features the line, "It's not about the money, money, money. Her message that money can't buy happiness came under media attack big time. In her own defense Jessie, remarked "It's isn't always about how much your shoes cost. It's about the fact that you even have a pair of shoes to walk in. Our girl Jessie knows what's up—forget about the stresses of money and follow your dreams, do what you love, and show each other some love. This is some much-needed perspective that we can all benefit from, even if it's coming from someone whose toughest morning decision is choosing Burberry or Prada.

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Keep your messages concise

Or do you think that they should make their own way in the world? What is the right amount of money if any to give? And when and how should you give it? These are just some of the questions which parents have been asking themselves for generations, and they are questions which often come up with our clients. Each tip goes into some detail so we have split them up into a series of blogs. We hope you will enjoy digesting them at your leisure! There are some things we can help you with.


  1. Auda B. says:

    ‘It’s not about the money, money, money…’ So the song says – but is it?

  2. Pampa M. says:

    Marko Manev - It's Not About the Money

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