Que es un lucero mundo

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que es un lucero mundo

Lucero Mundo and cholanguenge (Narrator of Palo Mayombe Ritual and Spell for Beauty and Love Attraction)

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Ábreme todos los caminos Lucero

Nkuyu also known as Nkuyo and Lucero Mundo is the most important mpungo in the pantheon of Palo. He rules the crossroads , the wilderness, balance, and guidance.
Lucero Mundo and cholanguenge

El Ntuan: Palabras del Creador

Nsambia Mpungo, El Creador Dios, se revela como el autor del orden, de la vida, y de todo cuanto existe. El Creador. Dios es Independiente e implorado por todos. La Regla Kimbiza es Kimbiza. Tenemos Siete creencias fundamentales: La creencia en Dios.

Forgot password? Don't have an account? This chapter reveals the rites and materials required for the preparation of the prendas-ngangas-enquisos —a Lucero Mundo—and also divulges secrets of the Palo craft. A tremendous amount of work is required, because making a single prenda-nganga-enquiso can take many days. To do the job well, it should be done with all the materials on hand, and with good help.

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Lucero Lucero Mundo is the Custodian, messenger and spokesman for the Palo Mayombe temples, he is in charge of directing the steps to the consecration of the person who is going to initiate, because it is the first thing you get to give the necessary stability to the person. Without Lucero there is nothing in Palo Mayombe, is the first to receive the offerings and is first which must be addressed. The archetype of this divinity is related to children. Lucero Mundo is a standalone spirit in its existence and operation, and sometimes difficult to understand his character, that sometimes gets a little violent, which is why you should speak with humility and respect and conscious is commanded to execute the request, so you're always next to each other. Lucero Mundo is the beginning and the end, alpha and omega, life and death, hence its primary colors: red, representing the blood life and the black represents darkness death. Vence Batalla is a clever, skilled marksman. His arrow always hits the mark, and he fiercely defends his worshippers.


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