Summary of rabindranath tagore stories

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summary of rabindranath tagore stories

5 Best Short Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

My edition was from Bangladesh and the blurb said it was in simplified English and served as a good introduction to Tagore. Not to me. I just couldnt relate to the stories. They all had an emotional hook, but it didnt work on me because the subjects (eg. a maid who wanted desperately to go with the master she had served like a slave when he failed to get promotion and was going home) and culture were so different and unknown to me. Men treating women as ciphers and only really dealing with men, sons being like little princes, I would need far more background than a short story in simplified English to really get into these.

It hasnt put me of reading Tagore, but adult books in proper English translations next time.
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Rabindranath Tagore: Short Stories Summary

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Rabindranath Tagore 's writing was innovative in Bengali literature at the time for its focus on daily life, as opposed to the more traditional concerns of Indian literatures, which tended to be constrained to epic and religious tales. His short stories often depicted exceptional circumstances and critical moments in the lives of everyday Bengali people, be they rich or poor, men or women, and even living or dead. Throughout his short stories, Tagore engages themes of domestic roles, the supernatural, and class. Sometimes these stories have conclusive endings with clear morals, and sometimes they're wry or mysterious parables that don't seem to end or have any direct message. While Chidam claims that he has a way to clear Chandara's name, Chandara is so repulsed by her husband's actions that she chooses to take the responsibility for the murder, believing that the death penalty will be preferable to continuing to live with a man who betrayed her. In "Kabuliwallah," a traveling confections salesman develops a close friendship with a precocious young girl until he is sent to jail for stabbing a man who owed him money. When the Kabuliwallah gets out of jail a number of years later, he wants to see the girl, but shows up at her house on her wedding day.

The story beautifully ties a bond of mutual affection and the unconventional relationship between the two.
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Set in Bengal of the s, the show is a representation of the classic short stories by the Bengali writer and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. In his literary work, Tagore focused on relationships which were colored by human shortcomings and idiosyncrasies. More often than not, confident women were the protagonists of his stories who were strong in their stead and defiant in nature while cocooned in a conservative Indian society. The show devoted two or three episodes to each novel, while short stories were narrated in a single episode. The director chose a unique way for these stories to unfold — each story was linked with the next in an intrinsic manner and the narration was blended with translations of Tagore's songs. The show covered over 14 stories in 26 episodes, each episode duration being 60 minutes.

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Selected Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore ed. He was the first Bengali writer to elevate the short story to a serious art-form. Tagore easily intermingled stark realism and poetic idealism in his stories which reflected the contemporary life in rural and urban Bengal. Many of the stories portray conflicts or tensions between the new and the old, cruelty and sensitivity, solitude and crowd, male and female. Rabindranath wrote most of his short stories in the s.


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