God of creation bible study

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god of creation bible study

Genesis: In the Beginning, a Study of Genesis 1-11 by Jen Wilkin

This winter, I attended a weekly weekday morning Bible study with ladies from my church. It covered God of Creation, a study by Jen Wilkin of Genesis 1-11.

I really enjoyed this study. It was the first one I had done by this author, and I liked her approach. Each week, we had homework in the book over a section of scripture. Then, at the study we had some time to discuss the homework questions in small groups before watching Wilkin in a video presentation over the week’s lesson. It was a format that worked well.

There is some disagreement in Christian circles today over various Genesis questions: is the earth millions of years old, or only a few thousand? Did people and dinosaurs coexist? Did Noah’s flood cover the entire globe? Wilkin steers clear of these questions; something I honestly appreciated. I wanted a study that focused on other aspects of the text, and that’s what I got. As she mentioned, God doesn’t always tell us the “how” of something or give specific details, but He has given us all the information we need to have.

Some things that I made note of in the study —

* Moses wrote Genesis, probably around 1400-1600 BC, with his intended audience being the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness.
* The Bible is a book ABOUT GOD. From Genesis 1:1, we are reminded not to focus on ourselves or on creation, but about God.
* “It is best not to shout where God only whispers” — I like this quote when hearing disagreements over various aspects of creation.
* God’s purpose in creation was to declare His glory.
* Woman was created as a “helper,” which translates as an “indispensable ally.”
* After the flood, we think of the “bow” in the sky being a rainbow. But the Hebrew meaning of this word is the bow you use to shoot an arrow. I forget the significance of this, but found this, which is interesting: https://mattsbibleblog.wordpress.com/...
* Genesis 9:18-27, when Noah’s three sons come upon him after a night of drinking, has a narrative similar to that of the fall in Eden, and is a type of “second fall.”
* Sanctification is “an ever-shrinking hypocrisy.”
* There was an interesting discussion of why Abel’s offering was accepted but Cain’s was not. One insight was that Abel offered the “firstfruits” of his gardening, while Cain’s offering did not appear to be the “firstfruits”/best of his. There also appears to be an issue with Cain’s attitude (for “Cain and his offering” God had no regard).
* In the genealogy listed after the fall, every person mentioned ends with “and he died” — like a bell tolling, showing that death indeed entered creation after Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

I recommend this Bible study and the accompanying videos. Very insightful and interesting.
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Published 09.01.2019

Jen Wilkin - Genesis Is Our Story (God of Creation)

Genesis: In the Beginning, a Study of Genesis 1-11

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Both the book and either the audio or video are required for the study, which lasts ten weeks. It is designed in such a way that the student spends the week in the text of Scripture, answering questions from the workbook, before hearing the teaching about that section. She connects what happens in the first 11 chapters of Genesis to Christ. Her Bible study also features a lot of work with the text itself, encouraging women to make a conscious effort to notice the details and interpret the text according to what the author intended. This would be especially useful for someone who has never engaged in this type of study before.

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God of Creation is a session Bible Study on Genesis The study walks you through verse by verse, tracing the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. If doing the study on your own , first do the homework, then watch or listen to the corresponding teaching for that week. If going through the study in a small group , first do the homework, then discuss the questions, then watch or listen tot he video. If desired, groups can watch or listen to the teaching before they meet.


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