Last days of planet earth 1974

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last days of planet earth 1974

Debra (Arlington, TX)’s review of Disaster Movies: A Loud, Long, Explosive, Star-Studded Guide to Avalanches, Earthquakes, Floods, Meteors, Sinking Ships, Twisters, Viruses, Killer Bees, Nuclear Fallout, and Alien Attacks in the Cinema!!!!

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Final Days of Planet Earth - 2006 - PART 1

Last Days of Planet Earth -1

Sign in. Stars on the purple carpet at the Emmys decide which TV show characters would make great superheroes or supervillains , and more. Watch now. Title: Weltkatastrophe ? Horror thriller set in 17th century England about the children of a village slowly converting into a coven of devil worshipers. After his own gang sets him up to kill a rival mobster, a hit man is forced to flee with his younger brother. A yakuza of Chinese descent and a Japanese cop each wage their own war against the Japanese mafia.

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This Toho production released in the US in is so blissfully wrongheaded that you'll be left awe-struck -- as it charts the chilling prophecies of Nostradamus playing by an Asian guy, who looks more than a little sedated in his fake beard. Sure, he predicted over-population, super-sonic travel, and Armageddon in the 20th century, but I bet the guy never predicted that such a ridiculous movie could've been cobbled together from his legacy. As the planet becomes unhinged thanks to human misuse, slugs grow to enormous size, a radioactive cloud creates hallucinations, babies are born deformed, and the leads babble incessantly about the possible end of mankind. Unfortunately, if the last hope for the human race rests with these dullards, it's about time to call it quits. For additional heart-tugging, there's grim real-life footage of starving children, government hand-wringing, and endless exposition.

Gawk at the amazingly bad bird puppet, or chuckle over the silly dialog.
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Tendencias Electrónicas : 'THE LAST DAYS OF PLANET EARTH' - Isao Tomita description

Three years ago, a team of astronaut miners completed a daring space expedition. They embarked on their journey home, but by the time the craft returned to Earth, their commander had gone mad—taking a terrible secret with him to a heavily guarded state asylum for the insane. The answer arrives when they stumble upon an underground colony of insect-like creatures harvesting human bodies for survival. She is their Earth Queen. The city's highest representatives are her consorts.

It was released to Japanese theaters on August 3, , and to American theaters on July 13, In the spring of , schoolmaster Genta Nishiyama begins preaching the prophecies of Michel de Nostredame using the book Centuries. Nishiyama is then executed by the Tokugawa Shogunate after discussing the arrival of mysterious black ships which will end Japan's long isolation. His wife and son escape with the book. At the onset of World War II, his descendant, Gengaku, is interrogated by an Imperial Army Officer for his continued preaching of the prophecies that predict the rise of fascism and formation of the Axis. In , Dr. Ryogen Nishiyama is discussing the use of chemicals which may assist crop yields across Japan.

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