Why am i topping my 3 wood

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why am i topping my 3 wood

Sweet Topping (Cattle Valley, #3) by Carol Lynne

Wheelchair-bound, Kyle Brynn loves his home above the bakery he owns and runs. Hes proud of everything hes managed to accomplish since the accident six years ago that took the use of his legs. At the age of twenty-six hes an independent man living on his own, despite the protests from his family. However, with his independence comes loneliness. Its not the townspeoples fault that they see him as less of a man, its his.

Darshawn Gill Gilling quit professional football at the height of his career without a word to the press as to why. Now settled in Cattle Valley, Gills happy running his garage and gas station. His life is much easier since coming out of the closet to his friends and family. He just wishes hed had someone to come out for. Most folks in town tend to be a little awestruck when Gill comes around, but if he wanted fans hed have stayed in football. What he really wants is that cute little baker down the street.

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How to Stop Topping Your Woods

If you're topping your fairway woods or can't hit them above the tree line, chances are you're not staying in your address posture when you swing the club.
Carol Lynne

How To Stop Topping Fairway Woods With A Simple Drill

Discussion Topping every 3 wood I use, why? What to search discussions questions polls comments answers groups. Im a 8 handicap and can't hit a friggin 3 wood. Aug 8, 2. Ball position? Try moving it back a couple of inches in your stance.

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Here Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies shares a simple golf tip to stop hitting topped shots with the fairway woods. This is a common problem and one that can frustrate and ruin confidence and scores even for very good players it happens. Not all that long ago it was sprayed over social media when Colin Montgomerie topped a 3 wood on the fairway! You see being good with the 3 wood will also really help your iron play as it forces you to strike the ball correctly and down and through. Too many golfers try and help the ball up where as better players will trust that they can strike down on the ball.

NO: I hung back, tried to help it up and topped this shot. YES: I shifted forward, extended my arms and hit it solid. Hitting a 3-wood off a tight fairway lie brings out the worst in a lot of golfers. Because the club doesn't have much loft, they think they have to help the ball into the air. This mind-set causes them to hang back on their right side and swing up on the ball, even flipping their hands to help it up. The problem is, these moves actually have the opposite effect: The club makes contact on the upswing, and they top the shot. To make solid contact with a fairway wood, hit with a descending blow, scraping the grass or even taking a small divot.


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