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joanne lynn end of life

Improving Care for the End of Life: A Sourcebook for Health Care Managers and Clinicians by Joanne Lynn

Health care professionals seeking to improve the quality of life for those living with serious illness and nearing the end of life will find exactly what their organization needs in the second edition of this acclaimed book by Dr. Joanne Lynn and her colleagues. Improving Care for the End of Life provides expert guidance on how to make significant improvements now, at all levels of the health care system from the bedside and the hospital to the health care policy and legislative arenas by using the rapid-cycle breakthrough approach to change. The ideas are proven, and the stories of teams that have put them to use will inspire and enlighten.

New to the second edition:
- New chapters to address issues of growing interest such as continuity of care, and the special needs of dementia patients and their loved ones.
- Details on trajectories of care and how these affect decisions at the end of life
- Updated and expanded information on pain management, advance care planning, ventilator withdrawal, depression and delirium, advanced heart and lung disease, and more
- Scores of new insights, measurement approaches, and tips based on the experiences of hundreds of improvement teams nationwide
- Thoroughly updated references
The sourcebook speaks to all managers of health care systems serving people with serious illnesses, including doctors in offices, nurse managers on hospital units, social workers in long-term care facilities, administrators of home care and hospice agencies, hospital chaplains, directors of volunteer services, and others.
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3 Trajectories of Serious Illness to End of Life: Part 3 - Health Systems - Palliative Care

Joanne Lynn

Our team of experts answers your questions about life-threatening illness and loss. Meet the experts who answer your questions at Ask a Professional. When Death is Near - Learn more about changes people may experience in the final days of life. Health Care Directives - Having a health care directive can ensure treatment decisions are respected. Considerations for a Home Death - How you can prepare to provide care at home.

Just a few generations ago, serious illness, like hazardous weather, arrived with little warning, and people either lived through it or died. In this important, convincing, and long-overdue call for health care reform, Joanne Lynn demonstrates that our current health system, like our concepts of health and disease, developed at a time when life was mostly short, serious illnesses and disabilities were common at every age, and dying was quick. Today, most Americans live a long life, with the disabilities and discomforts of progressive chronic illness appearing only during the final chapters of their life stories. Lynn offers what she calls an "owner's manual for the health care system," which lays out facts, concepts, strategies, and action plans for genuine reform and gives the reader new ways to interpret information creatively, imagine innovative possibilities, and take steps to implement them. She has also been a physician serving people living out the end of life in hospices, nursing homes, home care, and hospitals. Books Digital Products Journals. Disciplines Health Health Care.

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  1. Toya L. says:

    Already aware of her impressive body of work and recently floored by her impassioned participation in a panel at the conference, I approached her to ask the secret to rallying audiences around a cause.

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    Our team of experts answers your questions about life-threatening illness and loss.

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    Improving Care for the End of Life: A Sourcebook for Health Care Managers and Joanne Lynn is a Director at RAND Center to Improve Care of the Dying.

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