Quotes about time spent with loved ones

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quotes about time spent with loved ones

Quality Time Quotes (31 quotes)

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Family Time Sayings and Quotes

You are the pinnacle of my day , each second we are apart.. The fun thing is I get to be a guest AND coordinator. Except the fact that the more days that go by, the faster it is til Nick leaves. OK but Damita Jo is such a great album, one of the best of the early s. There should have been more singles from that album. Your expressions of pondering and deep thought. You are deeply engrossed in that Physics text book.

These family time quotes and sayings will have you thinking about your own clan within seconds. There is nothing like family and nothing can replace it. Your family can do things for you that no one else can. Some of the most successful people in history have attributed their love for their family as the inspiration for their success. Here are some lovely family time quotes and sayings to help you realize how much important it is to spend your time with your loved ones.

Cute quotes about how love and time are related. Love is space and time measured with the heart. Spending time with you is so precious and I love every minute that we are together.
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Bring the whole family to church

Spending time with you is so precious and I love every minute that we are together. I'm in love with every moment I spend with you. Out of all of the moments in my life, the ones I have spent with you are my most favorite. Talking to you, laughing with you, being with you, changes my whole mood. I wish time could just stop when I'm in your arms because it's the best feeling ever. My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I'm doing. My perfect day is whenever I'm with you.

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old family time quotes, family time sayings, and family time proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Family is the most important thing in the world. Princess Diana. No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family. Love your family. Make no room for regrets.


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