Michael e porter on competition

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michael e porter on competition

On Competition by Michael E. Porter

For the past fifteen years, Michael Porters work has defined our fundamental understanding of competition and competitive strategy. Presented here for the first time as a collective whole are a dozen articles -- two entirely new pieces together with ten of Porters articles from the Harvard Business Review, as well as an introduction from Porter, his first statement on how the parts of his work fit together.To read through this collection is to experience Porter at work: we see firsthand as his important theories take shape, deepen, and evolve over time. Porter addresses the important issues of competition, from company strategy to the relationship between competition and environmental regulation to the counterintuitive role of geography in the global economy.

At once eloquent and convincing, these essays help us to examine and understand the essence of competition. On Competition offers the intellectual foundations for company and country strategies for the years ahead.
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Michael Porter: "Reshaping Regional Economic Development: Clusters and Regional Strategy"

How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy

On Competition. Michael E. For the past two decades, Michael Porter's work has towered over the field of competitive strategy. Five are new to this edition, including the update to his classic "The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy," as well as new work on health care, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and CEO leadership. This collection captures Porter's unique ability to bridge theory and practice. Each of the articles has not only shaped thinking, but also redefined the work of practitioners in its respective field. In an insightful new introduction, Porter relates each article to the whole of his thinking about competition and value creation, and traces how that thinking has deepened over time.

On Competition. Michael E.
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Awareness of these forces can help a company stake out a position in its industry that is less vulnerable to attack. The essence of strategy formulation is coping with competition. Yet it is easy to view competition too narrowly and too pessimistically. While one sometimes hears executives complaining to the contrary, intense competition in an industry is neither coincidence nor bad luck. Moreover, in the fight for market share, competition is not manifested only in the other players.




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