All deaths in star wars

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all deaths in star wars

Death Star by Michael Reaves

–Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Death Star’s name says it all, with bone-chilling accuracy. It is a virtual world unto itself–equipped with uncanny power for a singularly brutal purpose: to obliterate entire planets in the blink of an eye. Its annihilation of the planet Alderaan, at the merciless command of Grand Moff Tarkin, lives in infamy. And its own ultimate destruction, at the hands of Luke Skywalker, is the stuff of legend. But what is the whole story, and who are the players, behind the creation of this world-killing satellite of doom?

The near extermination of the Jedi order cleared the way for Palpatine–power-hungry Senator and Sith Lord–to seize control of the Republic, declare himself Emperor, and usher in a fearsome, totalitarian regime. But even with the dreaded Darth Vader enforcing Palpatine’s sinister will, the threat of rebellion still looms. And the Emperor knows that only abject fear–and the ability to punish dissent with devastating consequences–can ensure his unchallenged control of the galaxy. Enter ambitious and ruthless government official Wilhuff Tarkin, architect of the Emperor’s terrifying dream come true.

From inception to completion, construction of the unprecedented Death Star is awash in the intrigues, hidden agendas, unexpected revelations, and daring gambits of those involved on every level. The brightest minds and boldest egos, the most ambitious and corrupt, the desperate and the devious, all have a stake in the Death Star–and its potential to control the fate of the galaxy.

Soldiers and slaves, loyalists and Rebels, spies and avengers, the innocent and the evil–all their paths and fates will cross and intertwine as the Death Star moves from its maiden voyage to its final showdown. And a shadowy chapter of Star Wars history is stunningly illuminated in a thrilling, unforgettable adventure.
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All Sith Death Scenes in Star Wars

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Michael Reaves

Star Wars: 10 Biggest Deaths in the Saga

But on Dec. After all, death is what separates Luke and Leia Skywalker in the first place, and death is what ultimately saves the galaxy from the grasp of the Empire. To commemorate the place of a good death scene in the saga, I went in search of the 25 best ones, and here's what I found. I've given this a lot of thought, and this death scene is my least favorite part of the prequels. It's worse than Jar Jar.

Despite having little characterization and very few scenes, Admiral Ackbar became a Star Wars icon with three words in Return of the Jedi. And then he was killed off in an instant in The Last Jedi. They looked down for one second to get a handful of popcorn, and when they looked back up, Ackbar was gone. In Revenge of the Sith , when Palpatine finally got into power and began his evil plan to take over the galaxy, his first move was to execute Order Order 66 turned out to be a command sent out to all the Clones who had been assigned to protect Jedi Knights to slaughter them. It was heartbreaking to see all the Jedi Knights on goodwill missions suddenly realize that the soldiers sent to protect them had been ordered to kill them.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Throughout nine films, the Star Wars saga has depicted heroes on the light side in a struggle against darkness for the fate of the galaxy. While good tends to triumph in the long run, there have been some tragic losses that have changed the trajectory of the battle. Some of the most iconic characters have fallen in battle, while others have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure victories. And even worse, some have been killed to show a dedication to the Dark Side.

May 4, We ranked 38 of the most notable deaths in the 'Star Wars' movies, from spear- headed Anakin's turn to the dark side, since he killed all of the.
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The Star Wars universe is a dangerous one, from its epic lightsaber battles to shootouts with clones. Note: This list, which is compiled by episode, covers events in the nine Star Wars films.

Some of the characters lost throughout the "Star Wars" films have been in our lives for decades, like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. And some had small but powerful roles in just one movie that made us shed a lot of tears despite their brevity, like Amilyn Holdo in "The Last Jedi. But with some characters, we couldn't wait for them to die. So when they did, we were cheering Jabba the Hutt, Palpatine. We ranked 38 notable deaths from the movies, from the porg Chewie cooked to Obi Wan Kenobi.


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