Eazy e quotes about life

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eazy e quotes about life

Eazy E Ruthless Street Life Quotes (1 quote)

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Published 28.12.2018

EAZY - E - Before They Were GONE

The Eazy-E era was a little before my time, but I’d read up on his life; and what with the new ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie, been able to visualize his life a little better. Eazy-E and N.W.A brought realistic rap to the scene, and if you haven’t seen the film already I.

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Eazy-E and N. They want what they can identify with. They want to hear about the reality of their situation, not fairy tales. But I want to say much love to those who have been down to me. And thanks for your support.

If you want to get your point across, you gotta cuss. The kids from the streets don't want preaching or messages. They want what they can identify with. They want to hear about the reality of their situation, not fairy tales. They don't care if it's ugly; they just want reality.

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The controversial act, known for its violent and misogynistic lyrics, dropped albums like Straight Outta Compton , with Eazy releasing work as a solo artist. He dropped out of high school and worked as a drug dealer for a time, using his income to co-found a label, Ruthless Records, with music industry insider Jerry Heller. Dre" Young, who started crafting songs for Wright's label. The disc, which went on to earn double-platinum sales, also contained the track "F tha Police," spurring the FBI to send a cautionary letter to the company that housed Wright's label. Eazy-E released his solo album Eazy-Duz-It the same year, which was in fact another collaborative effort between various members of N. After Ice Cube left the group in , N. Seen as a major influence on the gangsta rap themes that would later dominate commercial hip-hop, the group became known for extremely violent and misogynistic lyrical content, with much of its sales fueled by adolescent male suburbanites.

Eazy-E was more than a rap artist, he was an edgy, revolting and bold entrepreneur with a hustler state of mind and a knack for waking up the world and society he was confined with in. From the very beginning, Eazy-E understood what he wanted; money, respect and a voice. Capitalizing in crime and drugs, he quickly maneuvered himself into a position of power and stumbled upon a unique opportunity with music. Eazy-E took fate into his own hands and formed a rap group called N. Dre and Ice Cube.


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