Not a single fuck will be given today

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not a single fuck will be given today

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Published 08.01.2019

Not a single fuck was given that day...

And in the short amount of time between here and there, you have a limited amount of fucks to give. Very few, in fact. Which means you give a fuck.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

His website, MarkManson. Over the course of his career, Manson has worked almost every angle the advice industry has to offer. His job is meaningful, highly remunerative, and also flexible, creative, and cool. He started posting on PUA message boards and forums as Entropy — he said the moniker was a holdover from his days as a gamer — and quickly developed enough of a reputation for his, um, skill set that other men would ask if they could accompany him to bars to watch him work. Dating coaching seemed like way more fun than a 9-to-5, so Manson quit his job and went all in. But it turned out to be more work than just letting dudes wingman him for a night.

Life Lessons

Quite a lot, it turns out. You give no fucks. It expands the ways we can express this idea of giving zero fucks. This is its real magic, I think. Like Like.

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We accept the status quo for what it is because everyone around us does. Eventually our actions, appearances, and lives become moulded by how we think other people perceive us. How are these pants going to make me look? What will my colleagues think if I spoke out? Are those people talking shit behind my back? If I take this job, what will my friends and family think of me? It has to stop.


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