Birds of paradise documentary bbc

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birds of paradise documentary bbc

Drawn from Paradise: The Natural History, Art and Discovery of the Birds of Paradise with Rare Archival Art by David Attenborough

Originally perceived and idolized by the natives of New Guinea and discovered by Europeans in the sixteenth century, birds of paradise have long enchanted observers with their extraordinary beauty. In Drawn from Paradise, world renowned BBC broadcaster David Attenborough and artist and author Errol Fuller share their passion for these breathtaking creatures, offering bird lovers and nature aficionados an enthralling collection of interesting facts and stunningly beautiful, very rare hand-painted images of some of the most exotic winged creatures in the world.
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Wildest Islands of Indonesia - Series 1 - Episode 4 of 5: Secret Worlds

Documentary tracing David Attenborough's lifelong passion for birds of paradise, from the forests of New Guinea more than 50 years ago to the desert of Qatar.
David Attenborough

Edwin Scholes

David Attenborough tells the story of his life-long passion - the Birds of Paradise. From the myths and legends surrounding their discovery years ago, to the latest extraordinary behaviour captured on camera. He traces his own personal journey with these exquisite creatures, including his latest close encounter with a male in display, 50 years after he first glimpsed it in the wild, and finally he reveals the scientific truth about these spectacular birds. He introduces the "birds from paradise" that have captivated explorers, artists, royalty and filmmakers, over the centuries. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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They share their tropical forests with the vibrantly colored Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise. Two summers ago John Aitchison was crouched down on a jungle floor in western New Guinea, camouflaged by a sweaty brown tarpaulin. But like most Planet Earth II footage, there was nothing simple about getting the shot.

Documentary tracing David Attenborough's lifelong passion for birds of paradise, from the forests of New Guinea more than 50 years ago to the desert of Qatar today. Birds of paradise are one of David Attenborough's lifelong passions. He was the first to film many of their beautiful and often bizarre displays, and over his lifetime he has tracked them all over the jungles of New Guinea. In this very personal film, he uncovers the remarkable story of how these 'birds from paradise' have captivated explorers, naturalists, artists, film-makers and even royalty. He explores the myths surrounding their discovery years ago, the latest extraordinary behaviour captured on camera and reveals the scientific truth behind their beauty: the evolution of their spectacular appearance has in fact been driven by sex. And in a final contemporary twist to this story of obsession and royalty, he travels to the desert of Qatar, to a state-of-the-art facility which houses the largest breeding group of these birds in the world - a sheikh's very own private collection.


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