L ron hubbard business management

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l ron hubbard business management

Management Series, Vol. 1 by L. Ron Hubbard

The Management Series volumes contain revolutionary breakthroughs in how to organize, establish and operate any activity or group. Modern man has no real system of logic or rational thinking and thus reaches wrong conclusions and takes incorrect actions. The logic system contained in this series enables anyone to find the exact reason for any problem or situation, no matter how large, and open the door to handling it.
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Hubbard Management System Tips - Increasing Speed

Hubbard management system

Subscribe to our Feed. I saw that these companies were growing and expanding and I wanted to know it for myself. It is not man's dreams that fail him," declared L. Ron Hubbard in For that reason, and that reason alone, "Whole nations, to say nothing of commercial firms or societies or groups, have spent decades in floundering turmoil. The consequences of this lack of administrative and management know-how stare back at us from news headlines every day: stock market losses, rising unemployment, crippling deficits and failing businesses. In the United States alone, more than 30 million people live below the poverty line.


Hubbard College of Administration International is an unaccredited [3] school that teaches administration using methods developed by Church of Scientology founder, L., Celebrities, controversy and space aliens. Yes, Scientology is in the news again.

Ron Hubbard. The consequences stare back at us as headlines every day: crippling deficits , onerous taxation, failing businesses and, even in an ostensibly prosperous United States, some forty million people live below the poverty line. It is not for nothing, then, that Mr. If one genuinely understood how individuals best function—their needs, aspirations and the source of their failings—one would naturally understand how groups of individuals best function. Such was the stance from which L.


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