Elvis first single thats all right

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elvis first single thats all right

Thats Alright, Elvis: The Untold Story of Elviss First Guitarist and Manager, Scotty Moore by Scotty Moore

Published in 1997, updated in 2005, Thats Alright, Elvis takes us back to the epicentre of popular music in Memphis when Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys struck gold in Sam Phillips Sun studio.
The man who really delivered rock n roll to the world was not Presley or Phillips but Moore. Scotty Moore was Elvis manager, lead guitar and band leader when the sound hit back in 1954. His autobiography has a span of over seventy years, and the man is still twanging that Gibson today!
The first half of this book is a fascinating insight into the initial Presley/Moore/Black/Fontana combo, the hit records, the media sensations and the Col.Tom Parker machinations.
Perhaps the second half of this read isnt as dynamic as the first, none the less, old Moores almanac tells the essential facts and everyone else involved back in the day has now left the building. Any way you do, but thats alright.
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Elvis Presley.... Thats Alright (Mama)- First Release - 1954

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It is best known as the debut single recorded and released by Elvis Presley. Presley's version was recorded on July 5, , [1] and released on July 19, with " Blue Moon of Kentucky " as the B-side. In July , exactly 50 years after its first issuing, the song was released as a CD single in several countries, reaching number three in the United Kingdom, number 31 in Australia, number 33 in Ireland, and number 47 in Sweden. Some of the lyrics are traditional blues verses first recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in At the same session, he recorded a virtually identical tune with different lyrics, "I Don't Know It", which was also released as a single RCA Victor

'That's All Right' was written and originally recorded by Arthur Crudup in as ' That's All Right, Mama'. 'That's All Right' was the first single released by Elvis.
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Click the full post to read liner notes, links to more information, and a transcript of the episode. As always, I've created a Mixcloud streaming playlist with full versions of all the songs in the episode. Elvis' s catalogue is, at least in the UK, now in the public domain, and can thus be found in many forms. This three-CD box set contains literally every recording he made from through , including live recordings and session outtakes, along with a handsome book. This ten-disc set, meanwhile, charts the history of Sun Records, with the A- and B-sides of ninety of the first Sun singles, including all Elvis' five Sun releases in their historical context, as well as "Bear Cat" and a lot of great blues and rockabilly. And this four-CD box set of Arthur Crudup contains everything you could want by that great bluesman. I've relied on three books here more than any others.

Its catalogue number was Sun Arthur Crudup is also listed on this label, giving him credit for authorship. Recorded at Sun Studio in with Elvis Presley providing vocals and rhythm guitar, Scotty Moore on lead guitar, and Bill Black on upright 'slap' bass. It was produced by Sam Phillips in the style of a 'live' recording. The recording contains no drums or additional instruments.

Sixty years ago a young, unknown musician and and singer from Tupelo, Miss. Presley's utterly new, thrilling and unique sound not only shook up the music world; it blurred social lines and, with its white-boy-sings-the-blues approach, challenged racial barriers of the era. Within two years, Presley had signed to RCA Victor and evolved from a raw local teenage talent to a fully fledged national and international phenomenon. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Here, on the 60th anniversary of the release of his first single, LIFE.


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    During an uneventful recording session at Sun Studio on the evening of July 5, , Presley (acoustic rhythm guitar).

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