Roadside stand questions answers of paragraph

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roadside stand questions answers of paragraph

Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

What if the Second Coming didnt quite come off as advertised? What if the corpse on display in that funky roadside zoo is really who they say it is - what does that portend for the future of western civilization? And what if a young clairvoyant named Amanda reestablishes the flea circus as popular entertainment, and fertility worship as the principal religious form of our high-tech age? Another Roadside Attraction answers those questions and a lot more. It tell us, for example, what the sixties were truly all about, not by reporting on the psychedelic decade but by recreating it, from the inside out. In the process, this stunningly original seriocomic thriller is fully capable of simultaneously eating a literary hot dog and eroding the borders of the mind.
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A Roadside stand by Robert Frost-- Full Hindi Explanation of A Roadside stand- #CBSE

CBSE Class 12 Literature – A Roadside Stand by Robert Frost — Explanation

March 22, The city folk who drove through the countryside hardly paid any heed to the roadside stand or to the people who ran it. If at all they did, it was to complain. Which lines bring this out? What was their complain about? Ans: The lines that reflects the above meaning are as follows: "The polished traffic passed with a mind ahead, Or if ever aside a moment, then out of sorts At having the landscape marred with the artless paint Of signs that with N turned wrong and S turned wrong" The people from the city who passes by complains that the roadside stands put up by the people are pathetic and artless which are ruining the beautiful scenary of the landscape. The folk that had put up the roadside stand was poor and was living in pathetic conditon.

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The Roadside Stand by Robert Frost tells the sad plight of economically underfed people who are often fooled by the cunning people who are responsible for their pathetic existence. The poet cannot bear their sadness so he sympathizes with them. The little old house was out with a little new shed In front at the edge of the road where the traffic sped, A roadside stand that too pathetically pled…. It would not be fair to say for a dole of bread But for some of the city money, the cash, whose flow supports The flower of cities from sinking and withering faint…. The city men — rich enough to be insensitive to the sufferers — pass by, in their cars. While passing by the raodside stand, they grow angry and speed away, cursing the poor lot. The polished traffic passed with a mind ahead Or, if ever aside a moment, then out of sorts At having the landscape marred with the artless paint Of signs with S turned wrong and N turned wrong….

Comprehension exercise

Answer The poet believes that when we encounter a beautiful thing, even for a small moment, the pleasure remains with us forever. It leaves a lasting impression that inspires us to live life with hope and optimism. - About the poet ….




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