Starting a lavender farm business

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starting a lavender farm business

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Lavender Falls Farm - Starting Over

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The season for planting lavender seeds or cutting starts in the fall. This plant grows well under the sun in the dry climates. Whether it is a mild winter or summer. The whole cultivation process is very easy. But, the caring process is laborious. This crop is very easy to grow.

Have you purchased a small farm, or are you interested in lavender and thinking of starting a lavender farm? Secondly, although lavender survives under dry weather conditions a commercial crop responds well to irrigation and regular autumn watering. Setting up a lavender farm does not necessarily need to be a large capital expense. Purchasing lavender plants is the most expensive part of the set up. Lavender species. When producing lavender oil it is critical to use the correct varieties.

Lavender is a plant that can grow well in an average environment and can produce several different products that can target different industries pharmaceutical, fragrance, cosmetic, soap and detergents, food etc. If done professionally, the average lifespan of healthy and productive lavender plants is 12 years. There are cases in which lavender plants give remarkable production steadily for over 20 years. As such, since our lavender plants will hopefully live in our field for the next decade or so, it makes sense to start a detailed research on which lavender species would be more suitable for our market needs essential oil vs. Generally, full sun and good drainage are necessary, but different varieties can be grown from cold to subtropical climates. Lavender plant is resilient and can grow in almost any well drained soil; however, the average plant can thrive in certain climate and soil requirements.

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I think you still made the right decision despite having some regrets. I know you may not have probably anticipated them, but I am still glad to see that you took a risk. Life can never be full of success because then you will never know what to do when you are faced with a problem. Life is about failing and learning how to get back up. It is about how you will use these failures as part of your lessons through your journey to success.

Growing lavender for profit can be a great way to turn your love of herbs and gardening into an solid income from selling lavender plants and the value-added products you can make, such as dried lavender bundles, lavender buds, aromatherapy products, skin-care products, sachets and herbal pillows. There are dozens of products that are easy to make and in demand by consumers who love the scent of lavender. In many parts of the world, such as the Provence region of France, lavender has been grown commercially for centuries. Their lavender farms range from small backyard gardens to multi-acre farms. They all share a love of lavender, and most willingly share growing and harvesting tips willingly with newcomers.


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